This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Pro Pellet

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Fiber By-Products, Corp has been the link between waste wood producers and end users. Their Services provide waste producers the environmental friendly option of keeping many tons of wood waste out of local landfills. They recycle and process waste wood daily to supply the agriculture and equine industry with quality animal bedding, factories with boiler fuel and homeowners and landscapers with quality, long lasting wood mulch. Their processed waste wood is also used by manufacturers of fire logs and wood-plastic composites.They also produce more then 45,000 tons of premium pellet fuel annually with the capabilities of manufacturing even more!.

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  • Comment Link jo gaster %AM, %15 %362 %2015 %07:%Apr posted by jo gaster

    best pellets we have burned so far....not alot available around here but they kept my glass cleaner and lots less ash than other pellets so far!

  • Comment Link Shari %AM, %31 %492 %2015 %10:%Mar posted by Shari

    We put in a pellet stove in Feb bought a ton of pellets from the place that put our stove in,we were buying them at Walmart and found somewhere that sold Pro pellets they are a higher price than the Walmart brand and although I am thankful we were able to find pellets i would not buy Pro pellets again. They do not burn well and just make a mess in the stove.

  • Comment Link zack %PM, %04 %002 %2015 %23:%Mar posted by zack

    Ran short of pellets this year, there is a shortage in north east PA. went to tractor supply and all they had were pro pellets,so sorry i took 15 bags home. the ash was very high and the pellets burned very fast ,normally ,instaheat 40 lb bag will last 24 hours on low,pro pellets burned 40 pounds in little over 12 hours.and the size of the pellets were the size of corn kernels ,wish i could add the pic i took, , never again for pro pellets, id rather turn the electric baseboard on in my house.

  • Comment Link Martha %PM, %27 %698 %2015 %15:%Feb posted by Martha

    I have been burning pro pellets for half the season but my supplier in Stayner Ontario has run out. Their new supply from a local supplier bunged up my Whitfield stove in 12 hours so badly I have to have it serviced. Where else in southern Ontario do you have an outlet where I can purchase more Pro Pellets?

  • Comment Link %PM, %21 %548 %2015 %12:%Feb posted by

    These are the hottest cleanest burning pellets we have ever used! Of over 12 or more different manufacturers of wood pellets Pro Pellets have burned by far much hotter than any other pellet we have used. I am so completely satisfied with this product and would recommend to everyone who has a pellet stove.These are 5 star for sure.

  • Comment Link Gaylord %AM, %13 %092 %2015 %01:%Feb posted by Gaylord

    Best pellet I've found in my area, makes good heat low ash

  • Comment Link Joseph D. Vojtus %PM, %15 %828 %2015 %18:%Jan posted by Joseph D. Vojtus

    After decades of wood stove burning,I made the switch to pellet.I purchased a stove from tractor supply Co,model 5502m by US Stove Co.Rated at 16k on No 5 setting. This stove was made in China, had I took the time to look at origin of manf, I would of keept looking.United States Stove Co,thought it was American made,got me! Bought 1 ton of thier pellets they had at the time,Iwas ready to push this stove off to the side,2nd ton a bit better,3rd ton is PRO PELLETS, All's I can say is remarable,on No. 3 setting the whole house is warmmer than the wood burner could do,I will always,always burn pro pellets. Great product that lives up to its claim,hot heat, almost no ash! Brunswick,Ohio.

  • Comment Link Randy %PM, %07 %710 %2014 %16:%Dec posted by Randy

    2007 QuadraFire Mount Vernon. Best so far! Have tried Somerset for years and many others, switched to Pro last year. The Pro burns hotter, cleaner with no to minimal dust in bag. I am able to use the lowest setting on the stove to keep house warm (3,100 sq.ft.) with the HVAC circulatory fan on. Used only 4 ton in 2013 and it was a cold winter.

  • Comment Link jeff %PM, %01 %627 %2014 %14:%Nov posted by jeff

    I have been burning these pellets for 3 years great product.

  • Comment Link mtwallet %PM, %06 %581 %2014 %12:%Oct posted by mtwallet

    I have been satisfied with the pro pellet brand although there were none to be had in my area by January last year


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