This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Pro Pellet

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Fiber By-Products, Corp has been the link between waste wood producers and end users. Their Services provide waste producers the environmental friendly option of keeping many tons of wood waste out of local landfills. They recycle and process waste wood daily to supply the agriculture and equine industry with quality animal bedding, factories with boiler fuel and homeowners and landscapers with quality, long lasting wood mulch. Their processed waste wood is also used by manufacturers of fire logs and wood-plastic composites.They also produce more then 45,000 tons of premium pellet fuel annually with the capabilities of manufacturing even more!.

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  • Comment Link Scott Skinner %PM, %29 %739 %2013 %16:%Nov posted by Scott Skinner

    I burned several different type of pellets. Pro Pellet is the only ones I buy low ash and lots of heat. Keep up the Good Work Regards Scott

  • Comment Link scott %AM, %25 %074 %2013 %00:%Mar posted by scott

    This is the first time burning these pellets because this is all I could get this late in the season. The pellets do not burn very hot, have had to set the stove on a much higher setting to get heat out of them. My stove is a Vista flame 55 the setting for these pellets is on 4 feed trim and 4 for the fan. I clean my stove once a week. I have burned several other brands and these are not ones I would buy again. The bag says prieum hardwood pellets, but looks like they are mixed with soft wood or something else.

  • Comment Link cathy marker %AM, %28 %061 %2013 %00:%Jan posted by cathy marker

    just wanted to let you no that I,ve tried all kind of pellets and pro pellets are the best.thank you for a good product.

  • Comment Link Linda Kowalski %PM, %20 %909 %2013 %20:%Jan posted by Linda Kowalski

    This is the first year that I have heated with a pellet stove (a Kozi Previa). I have bought 4 ton to get me through the winter. On a recommendation from a friend, I bought 1 ton of your pellets. Since I have been using your brand, I have had to clean my stove every other day.During the night a couple of nights ago, the burn pot got clogged up with all of the dust (not burning properly), and backed up the pellets into the chute,and I almost couldn't put out the fire. There is so much dust in the bag, I have to sift the pellets before putting them in the hopper. I hope that this is just a bad batch, but I will not buy a ton before trying them again.

  • Comment Link DAN H. %PM, %18 %687 %2013 %15:%Jan posted by DAN H.

    I've used pro pellets for a couple of years now they seem to be ok but the last 4 ton I got didnt get sealed right from the factory and they drew moisture and the top part of the bag I have to throw out because there all swelled up and no good (note to comany make sure bags are sealed)

  • Comment Link Dan Christensen %PM, %19 %877 %2012 %20:%Oct posted by Dan Christensen

    I seem to be getting a lot more creosote build up this year with Pro Pellets. In past years its been the best but think I may have to go to another brand this year.

  • Comment Link Caleb %PM, %15 %763 %2012 %17:%Oct posted by Caleb

    Purchased 5 bags last week, definitely the worst pellets Ive used. First, the bags are not filled completely as with some of the pellets I use. I have room for several more pounds in my hopper. These pellets are fast burning and produce far too little heat in my opinion. I was getting approximately 18 hours on each bag, and its not even cold out.
    Lastly, and perhaps most upsetting is that they clogged my stove, which is a first for me.
    Stick with Somerset pellets

  • Comment Link Jim %PM, %25 %859 %2011 %19:%Oct posted by Jim

    I've had this Enviro Windsor stove for about 5 years now. I've been getting some pretty lousey pellets over the past several years and I expected the same this year too. I've burned about 5 bags of pro Pellets so far this year and I must say that I am quite impressed! The throw more heat by far than any other brand I've tried and there doesn't seem to be as much ash either. The extra heat created a bit of a problem for me. I keep the stove at its lowest setting but the high limit keeps tripping and runs the convection blower at high speed in an attempt to cool itself off. I'm trying to find a way to slow down the auger feed to compensate. The output air temperature runs around 245 degrees with Pro Pellets and was about 190 degrees with previous pellets. I guess you could call this too much of a good thing. That's okay! I'll live with it.

  • Comment Link Andy %AM, %15 %091 %2011 %01:%Apr posted by Andy

    I burnt 4,000 lbs. (100 bags) of ProPellets this past 2010-2011 winter and am now using Somerset.
    ProPellets I have found have more dust and fines per bag. No matter how carefully and slowly I load the bags into the hopper of my Countryflame Harvester, there is a dust cloud on the stove and area surrounding the stove.
    There is significantly more ash that the Somerset pellets also I have found.
    I THOROUGHLY clean my stove each weekend for between 75 and 90 minutes to ensure maximum performance. The ash cleans up easily from ProPellets; just a lot of it.
    Overall, good pellets I would recommend, but probably not the best on the market.

  • Comment Link Roger %PM, %11 %039 %2011 %23:%Apr posted by Roger

    I picked up 4 bags for testing in an Enviro Empress and was pleasantly surprised. ProPellets are on my good to burn list. Good heat,low fines,ash not too bad. Try a few bags and see what you think.


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