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Marth Wood Pellets

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Marth Fuel Pellets are made of 100% pure renewable and sustainable wood fiber. These super efficient wood pellets are made by compressing wood particles. The compression creates heat, releasing the wood's natural lignin, which then bonds the particles into pellets. The result is a cost-effective, renewable way to heat your home or commercial building that's also environmentally smart.

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  • Comment Link Pam Sundquist Wednesday, 05 March 2014 16:45 posted by Pam Sundquist

    We have a Quadra Fire stove. In past we burned Vulcanwood pellets, but with Marth pellets we have burned less, cleaned stove less, and very much please with your product. We are now facing the shortage problem in our area. We have choose to finish up what we have, and then turn on the LP again. It is not cost efficient to go back to Vulcanwood.

  • Comment Link Scott Saturday, 22 February 2014 10:17 posted by Scott

    I have started burning Marth hardwood pellets a few years ago when I got my stove (regency greenfire 55). Since I have tried a few other brand, Michigan wood pellets, fiber energy products and Vulcan wood pellets. Marth out performs all of them. It does have more fines but burns much cleaner and has a better flame. Vulcan wood pellets did also burn very good.

  • Comment Link Max Sunday, 09 February 2014 19:12 posted by Max

    I've been burning Rib Mountain Bio, by far the best pellet I've ever burned. Unfortunately they recently went out of business so I've been stuck burning Marth. Trying to burn Marth I should say. I'll run my main furnace before I buy another bag of Marth.

  • Comment Link Bev Saturday, 25 January 2014 15:25 posted by Bev

    We have an American Harvest 6300 add on furnace. We have always used Lumberjack pellets but lately we have had a hard time getting them. Their reasons are that #1 They don't make much profit on them #2 they have big overseas orders for BBQ pellets ... the excuse list goes on & on..
    We tried the Marth pine pellets & it was a disaster. They smouldered instead of burning properly.
    Then we tried the Marth Premium pellets & we will not switch again. They are worth the extra $ just in the quality alone.
    Great product !!!!

  • Comment Link Ron Wednesday, 09 October 2013 15:10 posted by Ron

    Sorry to inform my first purchase of Marth Pine only pellets were a disaster!
    We've owned this Breckwell 2700 Mojave Stove for 5 years burning hardwood Marth pellets with no problem.
    A few weeks ago we needed a fresh bag of pellets, so my visit to Fleet Farm i purchased my first test of Pine pellets. By the way our stove is cleaned spotless inside and throughout including exhaust pipe and fan every 3 weeks. This morning the house was full of smoke,pellets just smoked and would not light,damper open and red hot igniter. Last week they took a long time to light as well. Whats the deal? Now we've got a huge task of getting the smoke smell out of the house.

  • Comment Link Brian Saturday, 19 January 2013 20:13 posted by Brian

    I am running a Bosca Soul 700 stove and am very disappointed in the quality of the Marth Pennywise pellets. I have been using Lumberjack and Indeck Energy pellets, which give me great heat and lower ash amounts than the Marth, also the Marth pellets have at least 200% more fines. I am not happy with this and will not purchase any more of them.

  • Comment Link T Meyer Tuesday, 07 February 2012 16:16 posted by T Meyer

    I've burned two tons of Marth pellets in my Harman Accentra between March 2011 and January 2012. Cost was a deciding factor ($200 for 50 bags from my co-op). However, I am not happy with these pellets and am going back to my Lumberjack brand though they cost 10% more. Marth has more than acceptable fine and leaves a lot more ash than the Lumberjack. I'd estimate the ash at 4 times the volume, requiring me to empty ash pan every 15 bags or so as opposed to 50 bags with the Lumberjacks. Availability in the Madison, WI area is good for both.

  • Comment Link AJ Whitcomb Saturday, 21 January 2012 03:12 posted by AJ Whitcomb

    I've been looking for a new pellet brand this season, as my former is no longer available due to facility closure.
    Marth Super Premium Pine Pellet Fuel is the latest victim in my stove.
    The results have been promising so far and availabilty is good here in Green Bay.
    This is a very consistant fuel in regards to bright tan color and pellet size. The fines per bag are a little high but not excessive. The heat appears excellent and as for the glass staying clean better than average. The ash left behind is low to low/moderate.
    At $4.69 a bag from Mills Fleet Farmnot out of line in price either.
    The spec on these are a follows:


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