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La Crete Wood Pellets

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La Crete wood pellets are from laCrete Sawmills.  They appear to be a 100% softwood pellet.



.3% ash

.2% fines


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  • Admin Review: Aug 2017 -one of my favorites and best in the northeast! keep your eyes out for these. The bag is crap but the pellets are the Sh#@

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  • Comment Link Hal Sanders %PM, %04 %762 %2015 %17:%Jan posted by Hal Sanders

    Bought 3 metric tons, they were pricey but had no choice as pre buy was backed up severely. They are good pellets and I am very happy with them. Few bags had holes and had some big chunks in them but otherwise I am very satisfied. Would buy them again.

  • Comment Link PollyM %PM, %02 %001 %2014 %23:%Dec posted by PollyM

    I decided to get some of these pellets to as an experiment for my stove. I recently bought an old 1500 sq cape that had a Napolean pellet stove already installed. The previous owner used NewEngland Pellets, unfortunately I didn't buy in time. I'm currently running experiments to see which pellet burns hottest and less ash so that I can buy in time next year. LaCrete's are nice and hot, hotter than the Okanagan Platinum pellets I tried, however they do produce a fair amount of ash.

  • Comment Link Eddie %PM, %22 %633 %2014 %14:%Oct posted by Eddie

    I got 5 tons for this year as a substitute for LG(they didn't have them on my delivery date). Not really cold yet but I can say for sure they do not create clinkers like some other brands I have used in the past. When my stove isn't going full power to heat my 2200sf two story home, clinkers tend to form on the sides of the pot. So far about 5 bags in and nothing but some light fine ash. Based on this minimal use and prior comments I'm quite confident that I'll have a nice warm hassle free winter.

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  • Comment Link Keith %AM, %16 %090 %2014 %01:%Mar posted by Keith

    I echo what was said above with the added caveat that cleaning my stove was so much easier with La Crete Pellets than with the previous brands I had been using.

  • Comment Link JohnD %PM, %14 %670 %2014 %15:%Mar posted by JohnD

    Burned a 1/2 ton so far in my Quad CB1200. They do indeed burn very hot! Only pellet that I've found to be hotter is the Okies Douglas Fir. They have way more ash than I expected, where I have to clean ash pan every 5-6 days. There are also more fines in these pellets than any other pellets that I've tried. My auger jammed and stove shut down after about 15 bags so I cleaned out the hopper and was amazed at the amount of fines and sawdust that was at the auger feed.....completely clogged up! Once vacuumed and refilled, stove loves to burn these hot pellets! No clinkers, but a lot of fly ash to deal with. They are pricey at $295/ton at Dodge Grain in Salem, NH. I will use them again, just need to be more willing to keep an eye on/clean stove more often.

  • Comment Link Elliott Shyer %AM, %10 %112 %2014 %01:%Mar posted by Elliott Shyer

    We bought a pellet stove last October and tried three or four different brands of pellets. None compare to your quality product that burns wilth bright clean flame, provides lots of heat and leaves only ash. Next year we will purchase two tons to heat our 2,200 square foot home. No more $800 oil deliveries!

  • Comment Link Debbie %PM, %03 %008 %2014 %23:%Jan posted by Debbie

    Awesome pellet... Very clean with high heat in my 2006 castille quadrafire

  • Comment Link DOLLARBILL %PM, %22 %855 %2013 %19:%Dec posted by DOLLARBILL

    THIS is my second year of burning them last year i did two ton of these and two ton Cubex ! This year there seems to be a little ash and fines but they burn nice and Hot ! I really like them next year Ill try Oakies

  • Comment Link John %PM, %08 %777 %2013 %17:%Dec posted by John

    I have a Harman p61a and the LaCretes are the cleanest pellet to date. Ash brushes right off, no clinkers.

  • Comment Link Jim Cronin %PM, %02 %796 %2013 %18:%Dec posted by Jim Cronin

    Using La Crete for the first time, been burning for 6 years. I have an enviro insert. The La Crete pellets are the best burning pellets for my stove insert. Easy to clean, no ash build up in the pot. I'll follow up at year end with any changes.



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