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Purcell Pellets

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Purcell Pellets
16620 W. Prairie Ave. Box A
Hauser, ID 83854

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  • Admin Review: Sept. 2014-15: These are new to and I think They are going to be awesome. First impressions are a very nice dense douglas fir pellet (maybe). The density is apparent because of the sound they make when they bump together. It's a nice clicking sound like pebbles would make. Also, there were virtually 0 fines. Very clean bag.
    REVIEW: These pellets burned really hot and long. Great burn time and temp achieved. I noticed that the stove got up to temp alot faster than normal which tells me that the btu's were nice and high. I feel that these pellets are worth the very slight extra effort in keeping the burnpot clean. I ran into some slight heavy thick ash after 5 or so hours of constant burn which was easily remedied with my trusty broken golf club which I use as a pot scrapper. A few quick scraps of the burnpot during the burn and that lazy flame roared back to life. The only other drawback, which again was minor, was the thin bags. I was worried that I was going to pop a finger through the bag when carrying it. Not a big deal for the overall pellet! Great pellet.
    Oct 2017 - another great burn. Nice strong bag and virtually no fines! These are a super dense doug fir pellet, I believe, and cooked up pretty hot. The smell was great when opening the bag. I had a few longs in there but they were no big deal with my push feed Harman.

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  • Comment Link john Saturday, 24 January 2015 22:22 posted by john

    I can see by the other comments Percell Has a few growing pains to go through.The ton I bought was wet. Every bag had about 20% fines and many had expanded and crumbled when handled. Perhaps two wraps of plastic around the pallet would help. I can not say if the moisture is the result of condensation, but every bag was wet or moist as i removed them from the pallet. The other brand I have been using for the past 7 years have been flawless (North Idaho). With North Idaho I clean the fire pot once a year. The Percell pellets require constant attention or the fire pot plugs up and the stove shuts down. The dust plugs the auger which really taps into my dark side. I am certain the science behind pellet making is well known. So, with a little more attention to details I am sure the kinks can be worked through. My stove is a Kozy Furnace.

  • Comment Link Audrey Bridgeford Thursday, 15 January 2015 18:17 posted by Audrey Bridgeford

    Quadra Fire insert
    This is my 3rd yr to use your pellets, I never had any real bad complaints other
    than more klinkers than Lignetics or North Idaho, but this yr they have been
    much larger in size some up to 2". I have had to unclog my auger several times and have had to throw them out . They bridge in the auger and clog it up, I have to break up the pellets with with a chopper before putting them into my stove . Way to much work!
    They are also very dark in color compared to the light tan they have been, could explain the black soot I have . Go back to your original pellets

  • Comment Link Gopher Clunker Wednesday, 14 January 2015 20:25 posted by Gopher Clunker

    My bought my Quadrafire 7 yrs ago. This year local dealers could not get Rockie Canyon Pellets so I bought Purcell - BIG ERROR. Yes, the clunkers every 3 days are the size of a large gopher and ash 3-4 cups. Rockie Canyon every 7 days quarter size and ash 1-2 cups. Talk with the store of purchase and maybe they will replace with a better product available. Next year Rockie Canyon!

  • Comment Link Mahmahmonkey Saturday, 10 January 2015 14:31 posted by Mahmahmonkey

    I've burned just under a ton in a Quadrafire 1200i. While the heat output is high and the ash is low, they produce 2 inches of clinkers in my fire pot in under a week. They're the first pellet I've ever burned that requires me to clean my stove more than once every 7 days. I had to pry the clinkers loose with a screwdriver and break them up into smaller pieces for my vacuum to handle them. Not happy with these.

  • Comment Link Santi Monday, 22 December 2014 23:50 posted by Santi

    Very dirty. Does not burn as hot as advertise. My wife bought these by accident. With 4 bags we had to scrape all the time to get a brand new stove up and running. With other pellets no problem.

  • Comment Link NDAL Sunday, 14 December 2014 23:00 posted by NDAL

    Purchase 2 tons of these pellets. They burn dirty, more ash than I am use to and not as hot as my usual pellets. Not happy with these pellets.

  • Comment Link Earl Dick Sunday, 14 December 2014 18:25 posted by Earl Dick

    We recently purchased six tons of pellets for our quadra fire stove. This is by far and above the WORSE purchase ever made. Each and every bag produces HUGE clunkers to the point that I have to clean and restart every day. Our stove is not old and yes, on some occasions with other pellets we have a few, but very few, clunkers. VERY VERY UNHAPPY