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Lignetics Pellets

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Lignetics Pellet wood fuel Pellets.

Lignetics quality control ensures that you are purchasing the best wood pellets, Pres-to-Logs® fire logs or fire starter available. We use only the finest, highest quality raw material available for our products. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets and Pres-to-Logs® (presto logs) fire logs burn hotter, more efficiently and leave less ash than our competitors, which translates into several distinct benefits.

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  • Comment Link SamuraiArtGuy Sunday, 31 January 2016 19:12 posted by SamuraiArtGuy

    When our first two and half tons of Hamers Hot Ones ran out in the 2014-15 season and became unavailable - Lignetics became our go-to backup pellet. Slightly different performance than the Hamers, but simlar low ash, but a little less hot burning.

    However, they burned better than THIS years "crop" of Hamers- very ashy, and generated a lot of clinkers. So is probably still our go-to 2nd choice, but we may test a few bags of this year's "crop" before the heating season runs down.

  • Comment Link Mary Tuesday, 05 January 2016 21:39 posted by Mary

    less tan 1 % ash. Love these pellets. It heats my home perfect.

  • Comment Link Eric S Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:01 posted by Eric S

    I have been burning Lignetics pellets for 5 yrs. No matter when they are bough, they burn consistent, burn hot, and the ash build up is not that bad. Have tried other pellets but these are my go to pellets. Never have had a problem.

  • Comment Link Keith Wednesday, 18 March 2015 02:04 posted by Keith

    Lignetics is not my usual brand but I have used them when my first choice is not available. I just loaded the stove and they seemed both darker and longer than in years past. I had always been happy with Lignetics but this new look is preventing me from buying more. I'll now by tomorrow night how they'll burn. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this.

  • Comment Link Mrigs Sunday, 04 January 2015 04:49 posted by Mrigs

    I find that the Lignetics in the green label bag are the best wood pellets I ever had. They burn super clean, no problems with them at all. I do clean my stove every couple of days and my stove pipe after each pallet I burn. It is just hard to find them in my location eastern part of Long Island NY

  • Comment Link Joey Wednesday, 03 December 2014 20:41 posted by Joey

    Tried them for the first time in my Thelin Parlor stove. After 2 hours of burning the front glass is completely sooted over. I've tried every combination of air intake possible, but it still gets soot. I usually buy one or 2 bags of pellets I haven't used before to see how the burn. I'll never buy Lignetics again!

  • Comment Link Mark Brandt Friday, 31 October 2014 17:16 posted by Mark Brandt

    This is my go too brand for my Austroflam. They start nice and burn clean. There are a few other labels sold in my area that I like better but when I brake down the cost per btu these save me $80 a ton over the other premium pellets. They burn hot and I have no issues. A solid performer with consistent quality.

  • Comment Link Norm Hebert Tuesday, 17 June 2014 18:18 posted by Norm Hebert

    HELP! I burn 6to7 tons per season, I have been using Vermont Wood Pellets for years, but they have gotten way to expensive. I use a QuadraFire MtVernon stove and need a new pellet. After reading some of the reviews on the Lignitics Pellets I am a little scared to go out a buy 6 tons of them. Any ideas?

  • Comment Link Dan Olthaus Sunday, 02 March 2014 18:32 posted by Dan Olthaus

    I have a New England pellet stove and bought the green label pellets. They have been clean burning, heat well and I have not experienced any of the negative issues others have posted. I do regularly clean my stove every four or five days.

  • Comment Link Scott Sunday, 09 February 2014 16:43 posted by Scott

    I bought a second batch of lignetics pellets this year and it has been the worst batch of gotten from them.I have been buying lignetics since 2007 and this is by far the worst batch ever.The pellets are darker than usual and I suspect that is part of the problem


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