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Lignetics Pellets

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Lignetics Pellet wood fuel Pellets.

Lignetics quality control ensures that you are purchasing the best wood pellets, Pres-to-Logs® fire logs or fire starter available. We use only the finest, highest quality raw material available for our products. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets and Pres-to-Logs® (presto logs) fire logs burn hotter, more efficiently and leave less ash than our competitors, which translates into several distinct benefits.

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  • Comment Link ted Wednesday, 05 February 2014 14:13 posted by ted

    equipment: 10 yo harman P61 manual ignition stove

    the presto log wood pellets i purchased at home depot in greenfield mass burn as hot as anything i have ever used. they burn with the amount of ash expected from a premium pellet. if you have ""good"" equipment well maintained there is nothing wrong with this pellet.

    with that said, a harman stove is clearly superior to most other makes and models. my first guess as to why others may not like these pellets is not the pellet. it's the tool used to turn the pellet into usable heat.

    if you start with a fussy stove, poorly designed requiring a pellet .....made JUST SO...... you are looking for trouble as long as you own that stove.

    having burned a dozen different pellet brands over the years with out any drama whatsoever, i have come to conclude nothing can overcome poorly designed equipment.

  • Comment Link Louis LaBeau Saturday, 25 January 2014 00:35 posted by Louis LaBeau

    I can't tell you how unhappy I am with these pellets! I purchased a ton from Ace Hardware in Cambridge, MD and a good portion of the bags were swollen and hard on the inside from moisture during the packaging phase. They have clogged my Quadrafire Mt. Vernon stove to the point that it keeps shutting off because of a vaccum problem. My mother purchesed a ton of these pellets from an Ace Hardware in Pasadena, MD and they were garbage as well. She put a bag of the moisture swollen pellets in her stove and they clogged up the hopper and she had to empty the hopper and clean out the auger. She wound up taking back 12 bags of pellets and had them replaced by a higher quality brand of pellets. The representatives at Ace Hardware said that they used these pellets and were less than pleased with them as well. If you can purchase another brand, do it.

  • Comment Link Jim S Wednesday, 22 January 2014 17:40 posted by Jim S

    Absolute garbage, they don't light with electric ignition stoves, torches, paper and if they do they do not stay lit! NOWHERE DOES THE BAG SAY THEY MUST BE LIT WITH PRESTO LOGS AND HOME DEPOT DOES NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS EITHER. The rude Idaho women who took my call stated you must buy another product to light these pellets. NEVER HEARD OF IT IN THE 5 YEARS I HAVE BEEN BUYING PELLETS. Big scam stonewalling people!
    I called the Idaho office of this Presto log company and the run around was astounding as well as the rudeness by the women who took my call. I called to ask why these pellets would not light in a pellet store with electric ignition and she told me I had to purchasea prestolog to light these pellets. The home depot of Stratford ct never heard of such a claim! The bags also do not give such instructions either and what makes this company so horrible is the way she told me to call Home Depot and she hung the phone up. The absolute worst customer service from very rude people. I also was instructed by the Idaho office to call West Virginia office only to have that office tell me to call Idaho again.

    Stay far away from these pellets! They will waste your energy lugging them into your car not to mention your gas when you have to return them!

  • Comment Link Lee Thursday, 02 January 2014 11:51 posted by Lee

    I've had a Whitfield pellet stove for many years and used, almost exclusively Lignetics pellets, except when our local Ace store was out of them. This year I've had a terrible problem with what our Ace guy calls "clinkers" or unburned pellets building up in the fire basket. I don't know if this is a product problem or maybe something that happened to them while stored at the warehouse, but it's a huge pain. I've had to take my stove apart every couple days to clean out the exhaust tubes and channels because of ash buildup. All this is happening with the heat setting on low and the extractor fan on the highest setting. I've even removed the extractor fan and cleaned the fins to make sure it was working at its optimal rate, but the basket keeps filling up with unburned pellets. I normally burn between 3000-4000 pounds of pellets per year, but I'm way below that this year due to the problems with the pellets. I'm about to try another brand. One symptom I have noticed is that in a normal year the Lignetics ash is light and fluffy, this year it is not. I don't know what that means, but it's my observation.

  • Comment Link Jay Tuesday, 31 December 2013 15:18 posted by Jay

    This is my first season with a pellet stove and I grabbed 2 tons of Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets on sale from the local Ace. I don't have an experience with other pellets, but I seem to be seeing similar result to what others have said. My glass gets dirty within a few hours to the point where I can only see through a 1" gap at the very top. This seems to be worse at lower heat settings on my stove, which is where it sits 95% of the time. There does seem to be a bit of ash but I dont have a reference point to compare to since this is my first brand.

  • Comment Link Suzanne Tuesday, 24 December 2013 13:19 posted by Suzanne

    I love the heat from these but they are very dirty. We have 2 pellet stoves...a Quadra Fire and a Whitfield. We run our pellet stoves around the clock. The Quadra is on a thermostat so it's not constantly on but I still have to empty the fire pot every day because there is so. Much ash build up. The glass gets dirty within a day. The Whitfield is full of ash within a few hours and it takes me about an hour to clean just that pellet stove.

  • Comment Link beejareno Sunday, 08 December 2013 00:54 posted by beejareno

    I purchased these in upstate NY and they are great. I'v burned some horrible pellets in the past, so these really make it easy to operate my pellet stove with so little ash and great heat.

  • Comment Link matt Friday, 06 December 2013 02:46 posted by matt

    these are the worst pellets I ever put in my stove recommended by Rocky supply in Belgrade Mt. I guess they didn't no what kind of crap they were selling

  • Comment Link Margaret Wednesday, 27 November 2013 17:45 posted by Margaret

    These came recommended by our local Ace dealer. I thought the pellets I used before were dirty, but these are even worse. My Quadra Pro glass was dirty in a few hours. I guess I should have stuck with the Heartland brand. Plus the Lignetics were an additional $100 per ton.

  • Comment Link Linda Funk Wednesday, 27 November 2013 01:30 posted by Linda Funk

    my pellet stove is a whitfield profile 20-2. i too am having trouble with the lignetic pellets i am very dissatisified with these pellets they cinder up and i have to clean my stove daily. was told it is my stove it is not the stove ithas been checked several times and have told the stove is fine.wish i had did more research before i bought 2 tons of these pellets. will not buy anymore.


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