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O'Malley Wood Pellets

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O'Malley Wood Pellet fuel Pellets

the pellets are 100% mixed eastern hardwoods. Roughly 80% oak and the balance hickory, poplar,beech, and maple

these hardwood pellets are some of the best on the market, delivering extremely high BTU's and a low ash content. O'Malley Pellets work well in all stoves, bringing you a clean and comfy burn. All wood pellets are environmentally friendly and in no way contribute to global warming. So sit back and relax while you burn a bag of O'Malley Wood Pellets.

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  • Comment Link Bruce %PM, %09 %554 %2011 %12:%Nov posted by Bruce

    Burned the O'Malley's all last winter.

    My stove is an Englander Model 25 PDVC.

    These pellets burned very well and provided a reasonable amount of heat.

    Last year we were able to get them for $159.oo a ton, this year they are $189.oo a ton, but we think that the price is reasonable considering what other brands are selling for in our area (Central Maryland)..

  • Comment Link jms %PM, %29 %844 %2011 %19:%Oct posted by jms

    good heat but LOTS of ash. I have to empty the stove 3x as often I have a St. Croix stove.

  • Comment Link Steven K. %PM, %14 %589 %2011 %13:%Jun posted by Steven K.

    Have a Quadra-Fire Bayview insert stove - 3 seasons of use. Have used O'Malley pellets for the last 2 years as they were best available price for premium hardwood pellet (I paid $209/ton - picked up at local dealer). Have used Energex before and Treecycle mixed in last year. The O'Malley's seemed to put out a little less heat than the Energex or the Treecycle and have more ash & produce more clinkers. Having said that, it's not really that significant. I would buy them again but would choose something else if I had a choice

  • Comment Link JP %PM, %28 %613 %2011 %13:%Mar posted by JP

    I have a Quadrafire Santa Fe insert and the O'Malleys very hot but do produce significant ash. I tried Lignetics and while they made much less ash they really caked up the firepot making it VERY hard to open and dump out. Plus, the Lignetics put out noticeably less BTUs. Bad batch? Maybe. But they seemed normal and dry. Overall, I like the O'Malleys better.

  • Comment Link George %PM, %25 %812 %2011 %18:%Feb posted by George

    Burning O'malleys in a England Stove Works 25PVDC
    (these are sold as Timber ridge,Summers heat,and Englander) by Home Depot,Lowes and others..
    The O'Malleys do burn at lower BTU and produce more ash compared to Lignetics and other more expensive a cost here (southern NJ) of $255/ton..They are what I'm using and am satisfied with them.

  • Comment Link Sharon %PM, %13 %653 %2011 %14:%Jan posted by Sharon

    I tried O'Malley wood pellets in my St Croix stove. The burn great, very little ash, plenty of heat. I would recommend them.

  • Comment Link Attila %AM, %18 %443 %2010 %09:%Dec posted by Attila

    Am a newbie to pellets and stoves. Recently installed Enviro M55 FPI - a 'lucky' stroke! M55 with it's pot stirrer is a HUGE help with O'Mally pellets. No matter what settings, O'Mally leaves a very large amount of ash with only a moderate amount of heat from what otherwise is a VERY highly rated stove. M55's pot stirrer at least helps the fire from being choked by the ashes. I would NOT recommend O'Malley. Based on reviews here and, I purchased 2 tons of Okanagan pellets for the remainder of the '10/'11 heating season. WOuld have preferred CUBEX but not possible/available here Annapolis, MD. I was luck to find one (1) dealer that carries Okanagan -! Hoping for much better fuel performance from Okanagan.

  • Comment Link bryan %PM, %09 %774 %2010 %17:%Oct posted by bryan

    Why would people vote on these and not leave a comment as to why. At least we could understand why they are rated 3 out of 5.

  • Comment Link Melissa %PM, %16 %959 %2010 %22:%Aug posted by Melissa

    trying to view comments, please...


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