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Maine Woods Pellets

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Maine Woods Pellets Fuel Pellets

Maine Woods pellets are a blend of 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The hardwood provides a longer burning, high heat fuel while the softwood adds extra durabilty creating a strong pellet that will not crumble.


Winner "Best of the Best" 


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link  brecca graslie %AM, %01 %123 %2015 %01:%Jan posted by brecca graslie

    I have a quad fire classic bay.I've burned for the last five years. I purchased a ton of these pellets last month ,bad heat,tons of ash ,pellets are falling apart into dust.I Will never buy these again.

  • Comment Link Kermit %PM, %22 %845 %2014 %19:%Dec posted by Kermit

    I bought 4 tons of MWP pellets and I am very sorry that I did! They are the dirtiest pellets I have ever used; even the inside of the white bag is brown. Even though we screen them before taking to our stove we still get a cloud of dust when we pour them in. Also we have to clean our stove and room daily to keep up with the mess. They don't put out the heat that the pellets we have been using for years. Unfortunately the pellets we had been using were not available in our area this year but you can be sure that I will not buy these pellets ever again.

  • Comment Link Mark D %PM, %20 %752 %2014 %17:%Dec posted by Mark D

    Purchased 11/2014 in CT. Burning in Breckwell Big E. I was curious about these as I have a vacation home close to the plant in Maine and see the plant in action. I was shocked at how hot and clean they burned. Great heat. No Clinkers, low ash. Best pellet of the year so far. Just wish supplier had more of them to buy in CT. Great pellet!

  • Comment Link Gene Brewer %PM, %10 %976 %2014 %22:%Oct posted by Gene Brewer

    I tested several brands available here in Northern Maine using a measured amount in my Harman 61P and measuring output air temp. during a full burn. Maine Woods averaged 7 - 8% higher than the others. These will be my choice for the season.

  • Comment Link John D %PM, %27 %645 %2014 %14:%Sep posted by John D

    I agree with Dave. Maine woods is my go to pellet. I have a 1/2 ton left over from last year that I will start with. Then I'm using 3 tons of Okanagan Gold because they can be delivered from east coast lumber in Hampstead NH for $39 flat fee. I wanted Maine Woods but I can only find them at Dodge Grain in Salem, NH which is 1 mile from my house and they charge $30/ton.....Rediculous! Never tried Okanagan Gold so I'm nervous! Maine Woods I've been using for the last 3 years and keep getting better!

  • Comment Link Dave %PM, %21 %639 %2014 %14:%Sep posted by Dave

    I've burned these pellets the last 2 heating seasons. Decent heat, slightly higher ash but overall a decent pellets for a more than reasonable price. I'm trying out a ton of Okie golds to start the season and are getting my hands on some Okie Douglas Fir to try as well ( i hear they are amazing as well as pricey) . I also will be able to get some Cubex. I've burned these before and they burn super hot with minimal ash. Can't wait!

    One thing I will say about MWP is that they will continue to be my go to pellet if all else fails. So if your looking for a decent pellet for a great price, MWP is your pellet.

  • Comment Link Marcia %AM, %05 %080 %2014 %00:%Aug posted by Marcia

    We have a small 2 story home and use 3 ton each winter heating both floors to a comfortable 70. We have used Logik-e and Maine Woods Pellets. We are going to reorder the Maine Woods Pellets for winter 2014.

  • Comment Link Marcia Plourde %AM, %05 %076 %2014 %00:%Aug posted by Marcia Plourde

    Have used both Logik-E and Maine Woods Pellets; imho both were well worth the money. This year we will be buying the Main Woods Pellets. We use 3 Tons a year to heat a small 2 story home.

  • Comment Link Pam %AM, %29 %166 %2014 %02:%Mar posted by Pam

    What an terrible experience I had with Pellet Warehouse in Jay. I had dealt with the in the past - this last delivery of pellets was horrible. They give off so much ash cleaning my stove daily. When I called I was I would have to go to the mill to get it clarified- they came and the ash content is suppose to be at .3 was .8 and they basically told me good luck- If you want a business who stands behind their product do not use Pellet Warehouse- much more to story- buyer beware

  • Comment Link Caroline %PM, %27 %766 %2014 %17:%Mar posted by Caroline

    I have been using Maine Wood pellets for 2 years. Prior to this we burned New England Wood Pellets. I would say that they are the same high quality. During this winter we ran the stove 24/7, shutting it down each week for cleaning. But can go 2 weeks if we're feeling lazy. Not too much dust or ash. We have a quadra fire insert. It's been a cold winter - just bought our 5th ton since October. These pellets throw out good heat which saves us from having to run our electric heat.


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