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Maine Woods Pellets

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Maine Woods Pellets Fuel Pellets

Maine Woods pellets are a blend of 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The hardwood provides a longer burning, high heat fuel while the softwood adds extra durabilty creating a strong pellet that will not crumble.


Winner "Best of the Best" 


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link Jim Addison %PM, %26 %026 %2014 %23:%Mar posted by Jim Addison

    Englander stove ep-25...I have since burned another 35 or so bags since my previous review below, and I have to move "Maine Woods", up another notch. They are 65Hard/35 Softwood blend. Overall, I'm going to give them 1st place for heat vs burn time, in my limited experience. They do have a few fines and need to be tended to a little more, but the house has been overall, the warmest on these pellets as they can be burned fast. I am like the guy mentioned in the Administrators review that is limping along with a stove too small and having to make due.
    I have not been able to acquire any more 100% softwood Blazers, which may be the hottest because they burn super fast. We just went to Home Depot, Ellsworth Maine, to pick up a ton of Maine Woods, and they were out. We grabbed a ton of Green Supreme, all they had @ $219 ton on 3/24/14, a 90Hard/10softwood blend, as we had liked them previously and still do, but they just don't heat like the Maine Woods. They burn slower like the Green Team, and therefore can not be burned at a rate necessary for the higher heat output. I believe if you need the Heat more than burn time, go with Maine Woods or other similar. They are a great compromise between heat and burn time.
    1. Maine Woods: Great Pellet, Burn hot, burn reasonably long, can burn at the highest feed rate, some fines, reduce air on low feed rates
    2. Green Team: Great pellet, Clean, Burn long, burn great on low settings very very few fines, they feed the best of any pellet we have used, but better for warmer days as they burn slow and cannot be rushed. (Bigger stoves might find these the best choice for any weather)
    3. Green Supreme: Burn good, some fines, burn slow but faster than Green Team, again better for warmer days.
    4. Blazers: I have only burned 2 bags, but truly looking forward to using these again on very cold days. They burn hot and fast, like gasoline on cedar shingles and very clean with the air turned up. These could be #1 for heat output, jury is still out.
    5. Nations Choice: Not bad, but nothing special either. They burn a little slower and cooler, about the same as Green Supreme. some fines, a little dirtier burn
    6. Fireside Ultra: I'm moving these down. Very Sooty and dirty burning. Heat about the same as Nations Choice and Green Supreme. Some fines
    7. Pennington: We did not like these originally, but will concede we should try them again with the air turned up. I'm sending the jury back for deliberations on these, don't place too much stock in my rating of these Pennington pellets, however, I think the rest above are reasonable descriptions.

  • Comment Link Kevin Senecal %AM, %26 %094 %2014 %01:%Mar posted by Kevin Senecal

    I have been buying pellets week to week because of the shortage. Recently Maine Woods Pellets has come in and these have been the second worst pellets I've burned. Lot's of ash and no heat. I normally use Green Team Pellets and I can leave the auger on my Englander 25-pdvc set to 1 and blower on 2 to 3 and get to 80 degrees on nights when temp outside is in 20's or above. These Maine Woods Pellets, I'm struggling to maintain 70 degrees and it's still 30 degres outside. I'll try not to ever get these again. Also I tried these right after a thorough cleaning including cleaning the stove pipe out and still no heat.

  • Comment Link tony c %PM, %23 %838 %2014 %19:%Mar posted by tony c

    Heat w/ a Harman P68
    Have used this brand for 2 heating seasons now and have had no issues. The dealer where we bought the stove says they are one of the worst pellets to use, but I say for $208/ton, their good.

  • Comment Link Pellep P. %AM, %08 %051 %2014 %00:%Mar posted by Pellep P.

    I just found 20 bags of pellets at the Bangor WalMart. I have never used this brand before, they are MWP Premium Wood Pellets. They seemed slightly warm when I picked them up, but now that they are stored inside the bags are actually hot. I have never had this before - very green wood I am guessing. Anyone else had experience with this?

  • Comment Link Bob Davids %PM, %23 %934 %2014 %21:%Feb posted by Bob Davids

    I am burning these in a Harmon PB-105 boiler for the first time. Boiler new this past fall. We bought 10 tons, nine delivered from the factory, one I hauled from Home Depot. The pellets are providing more heat that I had anticipated and make less ash. I clean the boiler once a week and scrape the burn pot daily. We are very pleased with the pellets and with the service provided by the pellet plant.

  • Comment Link Jim  Addison %PM, %18 %777 %2014 %17:%Feb posted by Jim Addison

    Just an update to my previous comments on the Maine Wood Pellets. Just bought 20 bags, from Walmart, Brewer Maine. $4.28 bag or $2.14 ton. Bag pictured as above with the stove on the bag. Englander EP-25 stove and just performed monthly cleaning with chimney vacuuming/cleaning prior to using new type of pellet. As a gentleman noted elsewhere, "this pellet stove has become an obsession". I still give same great rating, a great second choice overall, but with one minor change. It is now my 1st choice on very cold days! These blended pellets will burn very hot at a higher feed rates, and with an air increase. Therefore I am able to get the home a little warmer on those very cold days. While the Green Team hardwood pellets burn long and slow, they will not provide the heat needed on those below zero days, because they take longer to burn, thus clog the burn pot with unburned pellets at the very high feed rates, which leads to a lazy cold flame. The Maine Wood Pellets do provide all needed heat with no need for the oil to kick in, but remember, at the higher rate, you will burn two bags per day, rather than the one bag of the Green Teams. Conclusion: Consider Green Teams or other 100% hardwood pellets in the Fall and Spring and on warm spells throughout the winter as they will be adequate and overall less expensive as they burn longer. Burn blended pellets like the Maine Wood Pellet, when you really need high heat output on those very cold days. We plan to keep both types on hand from now on, and use what the weather requires. I am also experimenting on mixing the two types. notes: Please keep in mind, all stoves are different. On the very cold days about -15 to +10 F we could barely maintain 60-66 degrees in this 32x42 New Cape, well insulated open loft, with Green Team. With the blended Maine Wood pellet, we were able to quickly bring the temp over 70 degrees yesterday in blowing -5 to +10 weather. Highest Burn rate for hardwood GT was about 1 1/4 bags per 24 hr day as we could not push them any faster. The blended pellet MWP was about 2 bags in the last 24 hrs, but I think once the house is at a warmer temp, that rate could be cut back slightly, while still maintaining that temp. This house has been cold for weeks as we refuse to turn up the oil heat. Also one last tip for people with the same or similar stove. If you place about 1 heaping teaspoon of pellets in the right rear corner of the burn pot "covering the igniter hole", after cleaning, as you prepare to relight. The stove will ignite much faster, thus saving wear and tear on the igniter. I just timed it at less than 3 minutes from start to ignition. jim

  • Comment Link Jen H %AM, %10 %244 %2014 %04:%Feb posted by Jen H

    We live on the coast of Maine and have an Ashley Bay Window stove from Tractor Supply Co, and these pellets make the hottest fires. All other pellets burn 1/2 to 1/3 as high, and are just not as warm.
    It does seem like we use them a little faster. Not sure how that is possible since the auger speed is a set thing, but somehow they do seem to run low quicker.

    Ash and soot-wise we I think they are slightly better than the other brands we have tried. We clean the window daily and the ash weekly no matter which pellets we use, and have not seen a need to step up maintenance with this brand. We are definitely using less propane for the hot water radiators this year, and given how cold it has been and the way the cost of propane has risen in 2014 that's been a real blessing!

    As a side note, my father-in-law has a different more expensive type of pellet stove, and he tried this brand and felt there was no difference between them and the cheaper pellets he buys. So perhaps there's just something about our stove that needs this particular type of pellet. In fact, had we not discovered it I would have despaired over how little heat our stove put out, and had no help with the propane bills at all!

  • Comment Link phil otte %PM, %03 %788 %2014 %17:%Feb posted by phil otte

    These are really decent pellets. I have never had junk/debris in any bag. To me All pellets run dirty ,some more than others. The Operator of the stove means a lot. Go ahead and choke up the input air to try to get a longer burn and see what happens. Also I try to pay close attention to the look of the fire. don't want orangey or lazy. I recommend these pellets.

  • Comment Link Mr. Milan Skrabak %PM, %18 %587 %2014 %13:%Jan posted by Mr. Milan Skrabak

    We are looking for wood pellets for deliveries to EUROPE (Italy-France -Belgium-Denmark-Germany)
    DIN+6mm and DIN+8mm with ash content under 0,7% for house heating and also over 0,7% for industrial using,
    quantity no limited, please quote the the best price CIF -send on email: or ,skype: milan.skrabak1

  • Comment Link Richard Thibodeau %AM, %14 %123 %2014 %01:%Jan posted by Richard Thibodeau

    Purchased three tons from a company in North Jay last fall as they would deliver. I am 72 years old and felt the early purchase and amount would help me to store them in my dry cellar. I can't go more than 5 days without having to clean my Harman P68 stove. The ash buildup appears within 2 days. Reasoning to purchase was to help keep Maine people employed. I will purchase pellets from Canada in the future.


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