This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Maine Woods Pellets

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Maine Woods Pellets Fuel Pellets

Maine Woods pellets are a blend of 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The hardwood provides a longer burning, high heat fuel while the softwood adds extra durabilty creating a strong pellet that will not crumble.


Winner "Best of the Best" 


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link Tyson %PM, %11 %647 %2014 %14:%Jan posted by Tyson

    This is my first year burning Maine Woods Pellets in my Quadra-Fire 1200i. So far this season, I've burned three tons. They have lots of fines and produce high ash (6" deep on the glass after a week of use). In addition, their bags are weak and frequently have small holes. That said, I think they're priced accordingly (approx $250 p/ton) and that keeps me coming back. I vac my stove weekly and do a thorough cleaning (tubes etc) monthly. My review is based on other brands I've burned such as, Country Boy (my favorite), Energex, Termin, New England and others.

  • Comment Link G %AM, %08 %331 %2014 %06:%Jan posted by G

    purchased a trial run at home depot decent to medium level ash but lots of soot. Flame is not hot. Not pleased with the performance. I knew there would be problems since it does not mention hardwood and only lists content wood lol. Beats wood fiber lol. Kinda like pleather. They really know how to play on words and divert attention from there listing character. Found green supreme at lowes to burn hotter and more consistent. I strictly use pellets for heat I have two new englanders with 6 bag hoppers. 7yrs now

  • Comment Link Jim  Addison %AM, %02 %080 %2014 %00:%Jan posted by Jim Addison

    We recently (12/2013) bought 10 bags of these Maine Woods Pellets, and given the price point at $220 ton, we rate them on the high quality/value end of the spectrum. We understand they can be bought directly from the factory for even less, should you live nearby. They burn good, burn hot, and are a good sized pellet with minimal ash. Only down side is the very dark ash that soots the glass. We do cleanings as recommended aside from the glass which we neglect until we want to see the fire. While Green Team still remains our favorite pellet choice at excellent with a very light ash for those who enjoy the view of the fire. They are a little pricey at $270 a ton. With the addition of Maine Woods Pellets, We now have 3 lesser priced choices for a second choice. Green Supreme, Maine Woods and Fireside which we rate all 3 as a great 2nd choice pellets. Of those 3, we would simply choose the least expensive. Our Stove is an Englander EP-25 and we do the required daily cleanings and monthly cleanings however it seems to perform better just prior to monthly cleanings when the chimney is 1/4-1/3 full of ash.

  • Comment Link D Sabin %PM, %28 %772 %2013 %17:%Dec posted by D Sabin

    I’d have to say outstanding results from what I really expected. I think they are the Best blended pellet on the market? And at a fare price $269 per ton. We only burn good pellets and I am amazed at the lines of people that burn the cheep pellets from the big box stores they just don't get it. Save your money.
    Overall I would say 8 to 8 1/2 out of 10 star rating.
    We bought our pellets this year at Portsmouth Stove & Fireplace on Route 1 in North Hampton, NH and I have to say they know there pellets.

  • Comment Link Jim %PM, %18 %625 %2013 %14:%Dec posted by Jim

    Just started burning these using a St. Croix York Insert. They don't put out as much heat as New England. House is at least 4 degrees cooler using these even after bumping up one additional setting all night. Glass is cleaner but I would perfer the heat!

  • Comment Link Pam %AM, %16 %085 %2013 %01:%Dec posted by Pam

    Have an englander 25-PDv stove. Purchased several brands of pellets for several businesses. Lately have used premium wood pellets from tractor supply co. They burn clean, low ash and little soot on glass and good heat! Very pleased. Pam

  • Comment Link greg %PM, %05 %841 %2013 %19:%Dec posted by greg

    Been burning these for 4 years now and have had no problem great product.I have a Harmond pellet stove and very happy my stove is a Harmond p48

  • Comment Link Mark %PM, %20 %972 %2013 %22:%Nov posted by Mark

    Will only buy these when there are no other pellets around, ,Pellets have been my only heat source for the past 8 years. Would love to support a Maine business, but they will have to make a better product.

  • Comment Link Craig %PM, %30 %952 %2013 %21:%Oct posted by Craig

    Been burning these Maine Woods Log Cabin pellets for 3 years now in 4 different Harman pellet stoves... 2 commercial buildings at 6500 and 7500 sqaure feet respectively and 1 house at 3000 sg feet The house has 2 stoves and the buildings 1 each. I use 20 tons a year between all stoves not using any other heat source for. Great burn time, low ash, and great heat and a great price for around $200.00 a ton delivered.

  • Comment Link John d %PM, %24 %679 %2013 %15:%Oct posted by John d

    Sorry....burned the pellets with the cabin, not the stove.....


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