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Maine Woods Pellets

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Maine Woods Pellets Fuel Pellets

Maine Woods pellets are a blend of 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The hardwood provides a longer burning, high heat fuel while the softwood adds extra durabilty creating a strong pellet that will not crumble.


Winner "Best of the Best" 


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link John d %PM, %24 %643 %2013 %14:%Oct posted by John d

    I have burned a few bags this week. Still love them!

  • Comment Link Gary %PM, %11 %577 %2013 %12:%Oct posted by Gary

    Grabbed these bag by bag from my TSC last year to finish season... seemed to burn fine in my harmon XXV... maybe not as hot as others but for the price... new season here and I'm thinking of squeezing a nickle and grabbing a couple tons at $211. Anyone burn these yet in 2013? I'll probably burn a couple bags this weekend... the packaging has the stove (not cabin) but clearly states MWP... UPC code: 852453003011 - any current feedback is appreciated! stay warm!

  • Comment Link Dewain %AM, %28 %055 %2013 %00:%Apr posted by Dewain

    Was disappointed with Maine Woods this past season, lots of fines. The company that cleans my stove annually commented on the amount of fines in the auger system. Lots of ash in the burn area compared to the year before.

  • Comment Link ZTRIPP2000 %PM, %13 %596 %2013 %13:%Apr posted by ZTRIPP2000

    Bought these from All Basics in Merrimack, NH last year for $260/ton. I burn between 4-6 tons per year. The year I burned 5 tons. I was planning on buying them again this year but they are available. I would recommend them. I have used Energex the past with mixed results. The Maine Wood Pellets have a much more consistent size, much less ash and same as, if not more, heat than Energex. My stove is a Quad-Fire Mt. Vernon AE.

  • Comment Link Richard %PM, %30 %909 %2013 %20:%Mar posted by Richard

    I have an Englander 25-PDV/55-SHP22, purchased in 2001 an run every heating season since. I have burned many different types of pellets over the years. In mid-March I had to replenish with 1 ton of the Maine Wood Pellets. I rate them as poor performers. They have many fines in the bag, produce a lot of coarse ash, leave large clunkers in the burn pot, and don't seem to release a lot of heat. I find that pellets made from 100% softwoods have minimal fines in the bag, burn with less ash, leave only small clunkers after 2-3 days burn, and throw off good heat.

  • Comment Link mikeyp %PM, %06 %891 %2013 %20:%Feb posted by mikeyp

    I burned 2 tons of these pellets last year. The price was right at about $260/ton. There was almost NO ash! By far the cleanest burning pellet I have used. Heat output was ok. I thought the Okanagan's where hotter but I couldn't get those anymore. I have a Harman p43 stove

  • Comment Link David WS %AM, %01 %190 %2013 %03:%Jan posted by David WS

    This is our first year with an Accentra stove and we purchased 2 tons of Maine Woods to start. I've tried a couple of bags of other brands too, and so far the MW pellets are performing fine. No issues. I did like the NE pellets as well, and would compare MW as a little less quality at a little less cost. Basically a wash. Either way I live in NE and will stick with a local pellet. - Keep it local.

  • Comment Link John D %AM, %30 %202 %2012 %03:%Dec posted by John D

    Awesome pellet! Long, hot burn! Low, airy ash... Great smell! Will finish this season with these in my Quadra Fire CB 1200.

  • Comment Link Bill %AM, %29 %151 %2012 %02:%Dec posted by Bill

    I would never buy these again after burning cubex, spruce point , even crabbes out perform this junk ! They varied from bag to bag lots of fines! I would have thought they'd do a better job than this ! Their softies are a tad better but @ 239 a ton I just as soon anti up a little more and not have the cleaning mess and I seem to burn less with better pellets which means less money spent !

  • Comment Link John %AM, %26 %121 %2012 %01:%Dec posted by John

    Only the second brand I've tried in my new Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200. The first ton was Geneva and I have to say the Maine Woods blows Geneva away! Maine Woods produces more heat, way less ash, soot and dust. With Geneva, I had to clean the stove everyday. Glass, ash bin, chip and scrape firepot, vacuum in and out of the stove. The Maine Woods have very little ash, glass stays clean for days and days and they are burning hotter and longer than the Geneva pellet. I love the Maine Woods pellet. I paid $142 a ton for both the Geneva and Maine Woods. I will be finishing my first year as a pellet stove owner using Maine Woods!


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