This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Maine Woods Pellets

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Maine Woods Pellets Fuel Pellets

Maine Woods pellets are a blend of 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The hardwood provides a longer burning, high heat fuel while the softwood adds extra durabilty creating a strong pellet that will not crumble.


Winner "Best of the Best" 


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link Steve %PM, %04 %856 %2012 %19:%Dec posted by Steve

    I've been burning Maine Woods for 3 years in a row. Burning in a Harmon P61. Steve from Wood Pellet Warehouse is the man! He drops 4 ton a year at my door step so all I have to do is stack em in the basement. I havent tried any of the "Super Premiums" but for the money I will say I love the MWP.

  • Comment Link Gene Brewer %PM, %03 %674 %2012 %15:%Dec posted by Gene Brewer

    I live in Northern Maine and heat my 1200 sq.ft. living area with a Harman P61A. For my own information I recently tested six brands of wood pellets by burning a measured 1 1/2 lbs. of each and carefully measuring the output air temperature at 2-min. intervals for 30 min. The readings were then averaged and listed below. The stove and hopper were cleaned before each test.

    Northest Pellets 186 deg.
    Maine Woods Pellets 185 deg.
    Energex 179 deg.
    Pennington 177 deg.
    Maine Choice 174 deg.
    Comfy Cozy 172 deg.

    I purchased the pellets locally and don't know if the results would vary from bag to bag or lot to lot. I am not recommending any particular brand or guarantee the accuracy. I thought it was an interesting exercise and that I would pass on the results.

  • Comment Link Cindy Mullen %AM, %12 %220 %2012 %04:%Oct posted by Cindy Mullen

    I am using Quality One Premium Grade Pellets 2012 and believe this is MWP. Would this be true? 18 tons purchased for the neighborhood and the season is just beginning. The bags I have used the consistency of the pellets were brittle, large amount of flakes, and varied in size. I am thinking 4 months from now it will be saw dust. I am also concerned that the feeding auger will get clogged and burn the motor out when I am away for 24 hrs. Also the burn time of one one bag is 18 hrs vs the 22 hrs I was getting with hardwood pellets. I hope someone can give me some feedback re: concerns.

  • Comment Link Betsy %PM, %09 %552 %2012 %12:%Jan posted by Betsy

    I would not buy these again this season. We purchased a ton of MWP and one ton of Old Dominion. The MWP do not produce much heat. We have had to throw away at least 4 bags already. The had turned to saw dust before they arrived here. Had to turn on the furnace one night because the MWP couldn't keep up.

    2011 Harmon Accentra Insert

  • Comment Link John Moreland %PM, %08 %609 %2012 %13:%Jan posted by John Moreland

    BEST results so far. We have been useing a Napolean stove for 3 years now. Theese are the best burning pellet we have used. They burn completly no cloging no build up in the burn pot.

  • Comment Link Frank Turner %PM, %31 %949 %2011 %21:%Dec posted by Frank Turner

    First year burning pellets with a new Harmon Accentra insert, guy from Jay delivered 5 tons of pellets, (Wood Pellet warehouse Maine Woods, $219 per ton, he unloads them and you don't touch them!! About 5lbs left in hopper when stove goes empty, glass cleans easily once per week with windex, small ash pan fills in two weeks, at ~15 degrees I need to kick the furnace on as the temp in the house gets to 65, 4 bedroom two story house. I have used one ton in one month (installed in November) clean the pot aprox every 3 days no issues, cleaned the stove once so far, not very dirty. Very happy with stove and pellets.

  • Comment Link Mike %AM, %02 %066 %2011 %00:%Dec posted by Mike

    We have a Harman PF100. Very little ash, burns very clean. Good whole pellets with very little fines. Very happy with them. My daughter burns them in a Breckwell Maverick stove and also has had the same results.

  • Comment Link Roger %PM, %11 %035 %2011 %23:%Apr posted by Roger

    Picked up 4 bags of MWP and 4 bags of Pro Pellets to test out in an Enviro Empress. I wasn't too impressed with the MWP, a shoulder pellet at best and ashy. The Pro Pellets burnt much better in my stove.

  • Comment Link sam %PM, %28 %906 %2011 %20:%Mar posted by sam

    For the '10-'11 season, I burned 6 tons of pellets. One ton of Maine Woods. In comparison to Okanagan, Heartland, Spruce pointe, these pellets were far inferior. They produced the most ash and increased my cleanings. Okanagan was the best product to date.

  • Comment Link Domenic Maccio %PM, %28 %933 %2011 %21:%Jan posted by Domenic Maccio

    I am totally confused as I have had nothing but issues with this pellet. We live in Maine and I always try to purchase from Maine companies, but we are completely dissatisfied with these pellets.

    Long pellets and a lot of fines has created constant clogging. Maybe I got a bad batch, but we purchased 3 pallets in November and are now stuck screening each bag before use.

    The company offered to replace which shows great customer service, but we stacked 3 tons in our basement and dont feel like carrying them back out now.


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