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Cubex Wood Pellets

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Cubex Wood Pellet fuel pellets 

Cubex Wood Pellets with a BTU rating of geater than 9000 by Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring Ltd. is among the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in North America. Its state-of-the-art products, environmental commitment, and highly qualified staff make it an undisputed leader in the premium hardwood flooring industry. Lauzon operates its own sawmills and milling plants, all of which are equipped with the most advanced technology on the market. Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc. controls the wood pellet mills that convert leftover residue into wood pellets and represents Lauzon's significant commitment to the environment.


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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: These are still one of my all time favourite pellets! This years run I'm seeing incredibly low ash but I do have to scrap the burnpot every morning to get the slight ash build-up down into the ash pan. The heat output is incredible and I will trade a little extra work for the added heat.
    Nov-2017Just got done with a bag and these get a thumbs up! Very nice and dense pellet which gives off great heat. The ash was not bad and the heat was very nice.

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  • Comment Link Keith Sunday, 16 November 2014 14:46 posted by Keith

    Spoke yesterday with a yard worker in the lumber yard where I get my pellets. They carry several brands but can't keep these in stock as they sell out quickly. They are pricey though, and that is why I am trying 5 bags of Corinth.

  • Comment Link Gary T Saturday, 20 September 2014 16:29 posted by Gary T

    I burned 4 tons in 2013 with my Harman Accentra fireplace insert stove. These pellets burned hot, they had very low ash, I had to clean the glass less frequently and very few clinkers. Also with the insert stove it is a PIA to clean out the heat exchanger as you have to remove the ash pan and 4 panels. So having a pellet that puts out less soot and ash is a plus. I ordered another 4 tons for 2014 seasons. Note: Watch where you buy your pellets, dry storage is essential. My dealer stores them inside a building out of the weather.

  • Comment Link Pascal Maertens Sunday, 17 August 2014 16:42 posted by Pascal Maertens

    I live in Mont-Lauirer Quebec an I use and sale Cubex Pellets they are very good

  • Comment Link Brian B Monday, 07 April 2014 23:48 posted by Brian B

    Pros: They burned HOT!!! In the past I have had to turn the oil furnace on when the temperature got below 10F with the large space we are heating. We have a Harmon Stove. I never had to turn the furnace on once this winter. I have burned Bearfoot and Okanogan in previous seasons. We bought 4 tons in the beginning of the season and burned them all. I also found them to be less dusty than the Bearfoot.

    Cons: Burned extremely dirty. Twice as much ash as any pellet I have ever burned.

  • Comment Link Kyle Clark Sunday, 30 March 2014 15:38 posted by Kyle Clark

    You all are dumb, these are by far, some of the best pellets you can buy. Never had a problem, and everyone I have sold these to, never have problems. We sell so many tons we can't keep enough in stock between all of our locations. Maybe you should learn how to use a pellet stove.

  • Comment Link Keith Sunday, 30 March 2014 01:08 posted by Keith

    Can't believe I'm reading negative comments on Cubex. This is my second year burning pellets and I've tried a lot of them. Home Depot mostly has junk with the one exception being Presto pellets by Lignetics.
    La Crete burn hot, and are easy to clean. It did clog the hopper one time. (Burned about 1 ton)
    Cubex, which i've burned the most of, burn nearly as hot as La Crete, but in the 5 tons I have burned, have never clogged, and has been easy to clean. Less dust than any other brand including La Crete.

  • Comment Link Laurent Riendeau Wednesday, 05 March 2014 23:36 posted by Laurent Riendeau

    I used 2 tons of cubex this season. worst pellets i ever burned. double the ash they use to have.Very disapointing.

  • Comment Link Brian Monday, 24 February 2014 03:46 posted by Brian

    I bought a ton of these for $70 more per ton than any other pellet I have used. I foolishly assumed that the price meant better quality. These are by far the worst pellets I have ever burned (Harman Accentra). The ash pan fills after burning four bags and the clinker build up is a quarter in thick around the bottom of the pot. On average, other pellets I have used take four times that amount to produce the same ash. I also find chunks of hard unburned "stuff" for lack of a better word, in the ash. Its almost like a fibrous insulation type material. I contacted the factory only to be told that the batch is normal and I probably don't clean my stove properly! I am back to using the rest of my Somersets that burn near perfectly. I hope that they get me through the rest of the winter. I will likely give away the rest of the Cubex. I will certainly never buy them again.

  • Comment Link Fred Williams Friday, 14 February 2014 05:35 posted by Fred Williams

    I have a Lopi Pioneer stove and have been using Cubix pellets for three years. I never had a problem with them until this year. I have to clean out the ash
    every 3 days or else the ash will be up to the door glass. I have a ton left of last years pellets and a ton of this years problem pellets. I'll mix them to help with the ash problem.

  • Comment Link Earle Cadoret Thursday, 13 February 2014 16:43 posted by Earle Cadoret

    Into my second ton of Cubex pellets for the year. Extremely disappointed. Used them last year and was satisfied.
    This year I have to clean the clinkers out of the burnpot every day. They just pile up and don't burn. Glass gets filthy almost right away and ash buildup is quick.
    I don't know what happened but this is a very bad batch. I will not be buying them again.
    Napoleon NPS40 stove.


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