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Cleanfire Pacific Wood Pellets

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These wood pellets are a Premium pellet from the Western forests of North America, where the abundance of Western Spruce allows the production of an extremely consistent, high quality pellet.

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  • Admin Review: Aug 2017 -Love these pellets. They are great!

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  • Comment Link bill %AM, %26 %164 %2014 %02:%Mar posted by bill

    i have burned 3,000lb of the clean fire pellets and they were amazing. before i bought a "winter supply" i burned a minimum of 5 bags, cleaned the stove, 5 bags. etc. everything from home depot, lows, walmart, tractor supply, agway, 5 bags. the pacific blend consistently had the least ash, best heat output judged by lasting longest per bag hour's. i bought 3,000 from a local supplier for a fraction of heating oil to last for 90% of the winter. i bought 1 ton of green supreme to finish out this year and... the weekly to 2 week COMPLETE stove cleaning is getting annoying. i saved 10 bags of clean fire for a break and dam there great.
    the stove, harmon P38plus

  • Comment Link Bob Shepard %PM, %08 %762 %2014 %17:%Mar posted by Bob Shepard

    I have an Enviro M55 cast iron stove and have been primarily burning Cleanfire Pacific and Green Supreme pellets for the past 3 winters. I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of heat I get from the Cleanfire pellets. At the same firing rate (setting 2) the Cleanfire pellets give me a stack temperature of 130 deg vs 148-150 from the Green Supreme. The Cleanfire pellet has fewer fines per bag and less ash produced but for approx. $2.00/bag less, I think I'll swap to Green Supreme as my "primary" pellet. I burn about 4 tons annually. The stove was professionally cleaned before the start of this year's heating season and basic vacuuming and burn pot cleaning weekly since then.

  • Comment Link Steve %PM, %02 %797 %2014 %18:%Mar posted by Steve

    I bought 3 tons of Cleanfire Pacific Woodpellets in October 2013. I usually buy a different brand but my source was all out so I tried these. What a mistake. Shame on me for not testing these pellets out before buying 3 tons. As previous reviews have stated the ash clumps in the burn pot constantly. Every 2 days I have to dump the burn pot because of the ash clumping so badly. Normally using another brand that I've had very good luck with i would thoroughly clean my napolen nps40 pellet stove once a week and a quick cleaning during the week. I have to clean my stove now every two days due to the clumping in the burn pot and the high ash build up. I wish I checked this website before I bought these pellets. I will not buy these again.

  • Comment Link Rick %AM, %23 %160 %2014 %02:%Jan posted by Rick

    Avalon Newport Bay Pellet Insert. Cleaned every 3 days.
    Bought 3 tons of Cleanfire Pacifics back in Sept 2013 based on the high advertised ratings.
    These pellets produce very low ash and no clinkers. Unfortunately lower heat output compared to Somersets, Stove Chow and Green Supreme in my stove.

  • Comment Link Sean Kenny %PM, %16 %701 %2014 %15:%Jan posted by Sean Kenny

    I purchased 4,000 lbs your " CLEANFIRE HARDWOOD BLEND wood pellets a few months ago . Having problems with burnt pellet bash clumping /coagulating and causing continuous pellet feed from hopper to over flow and backing the auger up .Net result is that I have had to shut down and clean every two days versus regular 4/5 .Reading some of your customers comments it would appear that there are consistent quality problems with this fuel source .
    I still have 2,000 lbs left on sealed pallet of my last delivery .Can you swap out for better product that will provide the quality that I paid for asap please ?
    My stove is a VISTAFLAME NICKEL VF100-005 and serviced regularly
    FYI --- my phone # is [603] 778 1475
    Thank you for your attention

  • Comment Link Jeff %AM, %04 %124 %2014 %01:%Jan posted by Jeff

    Bought 3 tons of these pellets at one time and had delivered. Very convenient but not what I usually do. I have burned many many pellets from different companies over 16 years in my Waterford pellet stove (no longer made). I bought these because of the delivery convenience and was sick of trying different bags before settling on the brand I would burn for the season. Over the years, it seems as though all the pellets are not as good as they were back in the late 90's. I suppose with so many different brands out there now, the manufactures have to lessen the quality to compete. These pellets are OK at best, but no better than Hammer's Hot Ones, which I've burned for the last 5 years. I have a digital temperature display on my stove that monitors the exhaust temperature via a thermocouple. So at the same stove setting I can burn different bags and compare temperatures. These are actually about 5-10 degrees cooler than Hammers, which directly correlates to stove heat output. Even between different Cleanfire bags, the temperature difference can be 10 degrees. Doesn't sound like much but it does make about a 3 degree difference in the house. Ash content of these is similar to all decent quality pellets. And yes, my stove is cleaned on a regular basis. . I prefer a cleaner burning pellet at the expense of a little less heat output since my stove's ash pan is on the smaller side. Will go back on the hunt next year for those pellets of older days.

  • Comment Link Don %PM, %30 %581 %2013 %12:%Nov posted by Don

    I bought a couple of bags to evaluate before making a big purchase. Once loaded and fired up I have to keep checking to see if the stove is running. What a disappointment. After reloading with Green Supreme we're back up to a comfortable temp. I will not be buying Cleanfire Pacific anytime soon.

  • Comment Link Spidey %AM, %30 %251 %2012 %05:%Nov posted by Spidey

    I have had very little success with CleanFire Pacific wood pellets with my Lopi Yankee Bay fireplace insert stove. I bought 3T and in the first 20 bags, it clogged my auger 4 times. I have become all too familiar with unclogging that auger. I switched to another brand and burned 10 bags without a problem. I vacuumed everything out in the hopper and loaded the CleanFire again for a test, and it clogged after a half bag. My neighbors burn the CleanFire without ANY problems so I have to think that the combination of my stove and the CleanFire is a bad combo.

  • Comment Link Mark %AM, %28 %531 %2012 %11:%Nov posted by Mark

    One of the best pellets I've ever burned. High heat, low ash. Window very clean after 3 days.

  • Comment Link David Draleaus %AM, %25 %043 %2012 %00:%Nov posted by David Draleaus

    I have burned these pellets in my HarmenXXV last year and the beginning of this year also with NO PROBLEMS. The burn really HOT not much ash. I clean my stove once a week and a full service every ton. The only problem is the price. I have tried several box store brands and Vermont Pellets. I will be moving to Vermont Pellets this year. Same quality less money. 278 a ton vs 293. Still a great pellet!


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