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Turman Hardwood Pellets

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Turman Hardwood Wood Pellets (one of the best and my favorites)

Turman Hardwood Pellets are a premium wood pellet.  Turman Hardwood Pellets, are located in Galax, Virginia  is a 100% hardwood pellet.  Turman pellets are made from solid oak residual from their flooring mill, as well as other sawmill facilities owned by the parent company, The Turman Group.

  • Turman Hardwood Pellets, located in Galax, Virginia.
  • This product is a 100% hardwood pellet. These wood pellets are made from solid oak residual from a flooring mill.
  • The highest grade pellets.
  • Turman Hardwood pellets meet or exceed all the specifications of a premium pellet: Consistent hardness and energy content; uniform dimension (less than 1.5 inches long); limited sawdust (amount of fines passing through .125 inch screen no more than .5 percent by weight);
  • low salt content (no more than 300 parts per million); and low ash content, an important factor in maintenance frequency.
  • Premium hardwood pellets in 40lb bags.
  • Independently tested for quality.
  • Each batch of these hardwood pellets is tested by an independent, third-party lab to guarantee you receive a clean burning, low ash fuel. Our pellets meet the Pellet Fuel Institute’s specs for a premium pellet


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Additional Info

  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets
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  • Comment Link Jeff Tuesday, 10 October 2017 02:23 posted by Jeff

    Can't trust a pellet brand that doesn't list the ash percentage. How much is "low ash content?" 1%? 2%? -1%?

  • Comment Link mike Wednesday, 28 December 2016 23:41 posted by mike

    Turman Pellets are probabily the best pellets on the Planet , Notably the people that complain i find are the ones that do little or no maintaince on there stoves , this is one big factor in pellet burning a clean stove is a happy stove :)

  • Comment Link Elliott Monday, 26 December 2016 15:06 posted by Elliott

    I agree with the last poster. These pellets burn hot initially in a clean stove, but then over time the pellets clump up, go down to a low flame, and don't seem to want to move off the burn plate. When enough pellets get pushed onto the burn plate -- burning pellets break off and drop into the ash pan (a waste). It seems there may be a resin that makes the burning pellets congeal. I'm going back to AWF Pine pellets -- no ash, no clumping --but not quite as hot.

  • Comment Link Mike Thursday, 11 February 2016 13:07 posted by Mike

    I am not happy with these. They do not burn down to ash and clump up in the burn tray. I still have a pallet left unfortunately. I will not buy them again.

  • Comment Link Frank Monday, 21 December 2015 15:34 posted by Frank

    I have been using a pellet stove since 1997 and have used many different brands including Turman. I have found that the Turman brand is a premium pellet and leaves the least amount of ash. It burns hot. In my opinion it is the best pellet on the market.

  • Comment Link CB Friday, 02 October 2015 18:19 posted by CB

    These are the BEST pellets I have ever burned. I have 1200 Classic Quarda Fire

  • Comment Link t Sunday, 12 July 2015 00:19 posted by t

    good but not worth the cost in my opinion. left as much or more carbon build=up, not a lot of ash but also not a ton of heat…[heat, to be fair, was probably just what they claim on the package]…paid a premium, and maybe they'd work better in a harman than my enviro m-55.

  • Comment Link Mike Wednesday, 04 March 2015 16:37 posted by Mike

    I have been heating with wood pellets for 10 years. I have a Harman Advance and the Turmans are by far the best I've burned. They burn very clean and hot. Ash is very fine with hardly any clinker build up in the burn pot. I don't see myself ever burning anything else as long as they are available. Great pellets!

  • Comment Link Tom Stewart Sunday, 22 February 2015 18:29 posted by Tom Stewart

    Head over heals better than any other pellet. including enterjex.

  • Comment Link Shaun Thursday, 05 February 2015 21:31 posted by Shaun

    I have a Harman P-68 and if you would have asked me a month ago I would have told you these were the best pellets I've ever burned. They burn clean and the heat is great. The problem is that most of the pellets are 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" long. This creates bridging in the hopper and no pellets can feed. Which becomes a problem at 3:30 a.m. when your stove shots down. So, unless you have the time to open each bag and break pellets in half or thirds. Look for another brand.