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Ambiance Wood Pellets by Valfei

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SUPER PREMIUM 100% HARDWOOD.  Found throughout New England, NY, NJ, OH, Penn

Valfei super premium wood pellets are made of 100% hardwood, mostly maple, oak and wild cherry. They are produced in our Shawinigan (Quebec, Canada) production plant.

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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: Absolutely fantastic burn this year. One of the best so far! Grab these when and where you can.

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  • Comment Link Daniel Saturday, 22 April 2017 21:25 posted by Daniel

    Puzzle'd with the post that claim incredible ash,low heat and soot or dirty glass because of Ambiance pellets. I have had nothing but great results especially if you factor in price verse performance I think they are an excellent choice. For myself in my P68 they create similar or a tad less ash then other hardwood including Northern Max / Cubex. I did a simple test that I do when burning or trying new pellets for temperature performance with a temperature gauge which does not move so the environment is the same for all test. It performs quite well similar to most of the softwood pellets including Spruce Pointe, Eagle Valley, 802, and Northern Warmth Purely Pine. In fact the only pellets that outperform them would be the Doug Fir Pellets and maybe LaCrete and that is not by much.There is more ash than the Doug Fir of course but not to the effect that at $100 less a ton in my mind they are a better buy just require a bit more stove maintenance. I have bought early this year and so far I have 3 1/2 tons with 2 1/2 tons of Northern Max. I will stash at least 8 ton possibly 10 and the majority will be Ambiance at $232.00 a ton early buy price with the remaining being Northern Max. That is how much I like these pellets amazingly consistent pellet size,super nice sheen avoiding any funneling, very very dense compressed pellet and nearly 0 fines in the bag to the extent I am not even screening them at all. I typically screen all my pellets just one of my OCD actions that with these I really dont have to super clean pellet and great product.

  • Comment Link Kelly Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:32 posted by Kelly

    We bought several bags of these pellets from Lyndonville Hardware last week. My stove's hopper CAN'T HOLD a 40 lb bag of pellets. However, today I poured an entire bag of what is marked as 40 lbs of Ambiance Hardwood Pellets into it. Each time that I have attempted to pour a 40 lb. bag of any other brand into my stove's empty hopper, I have ended up with 10 lbs left in the bag.
    Either someone's scale is off (oops) or buyers are being defrauded.

  • Comment Link Clayton Sunday, 21 August 2016 18:33 posted by Clayton

    Can your pellets be used on a pellet bbq

  • Comment Link Mark Monday, 22 February 2016 23:20 posted by Mark

    These pellets are terrible. A lot of ash and my stove is extremely dirty. I filled 15 gallon metal can with the ash from one ton. I definitely will not buy these again.

  • Comment Link Lydia Sunday, 22 February 2015 14:26 posted by Lydia

    Hello. I am looking to buy all hardwood ambiance pellets....bought them in october 2014 from Lyndonville Hardware. Unfortunatly they are not getting anymore in for the rest of this heating year. So where can buy them....I bought them for $140 a ton....last year paid $120. So is there a place in my area of Lyndonville, or St. Johnsbury vermont that you are supplying them to?

  • Comment Link Bryan Friday, 02 January 2015 01:06 posted by Bryan

    JUNK!!! If ash was worth anything I'd be rich, pellet size is hard on the auger. Will NEVER buy these turds again.

  • Comment Link Scott Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:59 posted by Scott

    I have to question people's comments that say these pellets produce alot of soot and ash. From my experience, when you get soot from pellets it's due to your stove needing to be cleaned and that there is ash build up in your air channels in the stove, therefore you're not getting enough oxygen to get a more complete combustion or your settings on your stove for the air ratio need to be adjusted accordingly. As far as heat output, these put out more heat than Green Supreme, Maine's Choice(Geneva) or Pennington. Of course with Pennington, they get their supplies from many different manufacturer's. Corinth, and New England Wood Pellet produce and bag a majority of Pennington's here in the northeast. I noticed this year the ash from the Pennington's was basically forming lava rocks in my stove. This led me to believe they are using substandard materials or using additives. Red and blue colors in the wood clued me in as well. I questioned whether or not they were using scrap wood from broken pallets, In closing, everyone has their preference on pellets, but before rushing to judgement, take into consideration your stove's settings, when was the last time it was cleaned thoroughly and where are your pellets stored? Humidity and moisture gets absorbed into pellets when stored outside even wrapped and under tarps! Happy New Year everyone and may it be a warmer winter than last!

  • Comment Link Bill Monday, 22 December 2014 14:39 posted by Bill

    Second year using them, find them very sooty and dirty, didn't recall this when I used them last year, after few hours glass get black from soot, do put out good heat just have to clean stove more often it seems. if had to choose these or big box store band still would choose these. think will be looking at another brand for next heating season.

  • Comment Link frank lyons Friday, 19 December 2014 20:35 posted by frank lyons

    this is my first year with these. my regular barefoot supplier was out. as the guy below said, ash volume is large, and i am not terribly impressed with the heat output. i did not measure it, it's more of an intuitive thing....but it is a low to mid heat output compared to many other pellets I have had. the negatives far outweigh the positives on this pellet. I will not buy them again. penningtons from walmart are better to be honest. merry christmas everyone.

  • Comment Link Mike Irving Saturday, 29 November 2014 15:01 posted by Mike Irving

    This is the second year I have purchased these pellets. And this year I couldn't be more disappointed. The ash volume is huge. Something is definitely different. Also the "clinkers" are harder to remove. I have written to the Manufacturer but they will not respond. I may not purchase these pellets again. Also take note : the same Manufacturer also sells Orford. different bag-same pellets.


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