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Cleanfire Pacific Wood Pellets

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These wood pellets are a Premium pellet from the Western forests of North America, where the abundance of Western Spruce allows the production of an extremely consistent, high quality pellet.

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  • Admin Review: Aug 2017 -Love these pellets. They are great!

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  • Comment Link Richard Goulet %PM, %26 %811 %2016 %18:%Dec posted by Richard Goulet

    I've been using this brand of pellets almost exclusively for the last 6 years. Now I don't use them in a stove. I use a wood pellet fired boiler. The last one was a Baxi 1.5, which recently died, and now a Froling P4 -8/15. Both from Tarm Biomass in Orford NH, formerly in Lyme NH. These pellets come very well packaged, never had any bad bags. I get them through which is an extremely reliable place to get your pellets. Their home delivery folks are the best I've seen in 50 years of having stuff delivered to the house. Price varies from $250 - 260 per ton depending on the time of year. They provide very good heat, very small amounts of ash per bag and don't make a mess on the chimney (had a sweep who really didn't want to charge me for a cleaning when there was nothing to clean).

  • Comment Link Patty %AM, %11 %290 %2016 %05:%Aug posted by Patty

    Why can't companies make 20lb bags? Older women that have pellet stoves the 40lb bags are a little heavy! I just wish you would re think the size of bags

  • Comment Link Bill %PM, %05 %999 %2016 %22:%Mar posted by Bill

    Cleanfire pellets are just the worst pellets I have used over the seven years that I have used pellets.The first year three years ago seemed Ok,so I decided I try them again.The second year was just terrible,very excessive ash and black soot
    all over the wall where the flue exited.I complained to woodpellets .com and the assured me that the situation with the pellets was corrected.this last year,the third year I used these pellets is just terrible.Not only did they not deliver the pellets at the time they promised,they delivered pallets contaminated with water and the ash content has not improved at all.I am thoroughly dissatified
    with cleanfire pellets and not recommend them to anyone. and for the record this site won't let me submit this review.

  • Comment Link Steve %PM, %18 %681 %2015 %15:%Dec posted by Steve

    These pellets were advertised as high BTU, low ash. I'd have to say I'm fairly disappointed so far with the heat output. While these are very clean with little fines and dust in the bag, the heat output just isn't there for the premium price paid. I'll be going back to standard hardwood pellets next year. Burning these in an Enviro M55.

  • Comment Link James %PM, %17 %796 %2015 %18:%Jan posted by James

    This is a review for the CleanFire Hardwood Blend (not the Fir Blend).
    I have been using these pellets for the first time this year. I have been burning for almost 3 months. Last year I used a different pellet which gives me a good basis or benchmark for comparison. I have found a significant increase of ash outside my house from these pellets and the ash/soot seems much blacker than the pellets I used last year. Further, and more significant how these pellets form a rigid wafer of ash in the fire box of my pellet stove. I have to open it every day on cold days at least once and scrape out the hard ash wafer and build up. It is easy to detect because the flames no longer shoot straight up in a robust manner. They are diffused and swirl around more because the air flow is disrupted by the ash wafer/buildup in the fire box. Surely this is a reduction in efficiency.
    The pellets I used last year did not EVER do this. I seem to be using about the same amount (burn rate) or more this year. These may or may not burn hotter (impossible to definitively determine without testing equipment. Even if they do burn hotter, the mess is not worth it. Opening the door of the stove so often to clean the ash wafer just increased the ash dust and mess in my home and leaves a more obvious eye sore outside where it vents out. One final observation is the ashes with this pellet seem to cling much more to the sides of the fire box and walls of my stove, increasing the maintenance/cleaning.
    I bought 5 tons for the winter and will be fine with these but I recommend a different pellet. The one I used last year happens to be a softwood or mix if I recall. I will go back to those.

  • Comment Link Kevin %PM, %28 %623 %2014 %13:%Dec posted by Kevin

    I have a Enviro M55 and a Enviro Mini burning in our old farmhouse. I have been burning wood pellets for many years and have tried several brands. Without a doubt, these are the lowest quality pellet that I have ever purchased. The heat output is considerably low and the ash is high. I have been very disappointed especially since I paid good money for a quality pellet. We have 10 tons of these pellets in our shed and I cannot wait until they are gone. Next season I'm taking no risk and am buying Okinagan Douglas Fir.

  • Comment Link Joseph %PM, %26 %942 %2014 %21:%Dec posted by Joseph

    I have the quadra - fire Mt Vernon AE. I have burned 3 tons of the CLean Fire pellets and they have been great! no issues at all.

  • Comment Link Pat %PM, %11 %737 %2014 %16:%Dec posted by Pat

    I have a quadra fire mt vernon ae .For 5 years i have burned cleanfire hardwood . 5 years ago they were fantastic but now probably the lowest quality pellets. They're full of fines and a very dusty product.

  • Comment Link Matt %PM, %26 %648 %2014 %14:%Aug posted by Matt

    I've been burning (Harman stove) different brands for 7 years now. These are good pellets especially in terms of heat output. Ash nothing special. Turman is the best I've ever used if you can get those.

  • Comment Link Scott %PM, %28 %700 %2014 %15:%Mar posted by Scott

    We have a Lopi Pioneer Bay insert stove. This is the 3rd year with it. Have tried all local brands from many diferent stores. Ranking of each has been different depending if good heat and ash build up. Have found that the Green Supreme being the best at the price. One other hard wood pellet were also very nice,but, cost enough to just use our oil furnus. Very disapointed with the Clean Heat pellets. Although very low ash, needing only to clean stove every 3 days, heat output so low we need to fire up the oil furnus every morning. Even with stove on high it wont heat the house like the Green Supreme did. We never had to use our oil while burning other products. With this pellet shortage this year, we have descided that if they cant produce enough pellets we are just going back to oil next year.


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