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I have had a rough time getting pellets this year and since Wayne Davis are made a few miles away from me I thought I would give them a try. After a 100 mile round trip in the opposite direction (local place didn't know the difference between bedding and fuel pellets) I brought home a ton. I have burnt though 1/2 of it so far and here is the good and bad.

Pellets are poorly formed and very moist, bags have a very strong softwood odor, Didn't bother me so much, but drove my pregnant wife insane, and the ashes don't fall though the hopper very much but don't really build up on the inside as much as you would expect.

These things put out the heat however, at least 20% more than the hardwood I was burning at the very same price per ton. So with the brutal cold we have had this winter I loved them. Don't know if they would be my first choice to buy again, but I certainly wouldn't avoid them.

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