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I am going to buck the trend here - this is a pellet i will not buy again. I am an engineer (efficiency guy) and measure the heat output of my stove (drolet ECO065 that will burn most anything...). I measure the BTU in the air stream (temp rise vs volume).

My "normal" pellet to compare to is StoveChow.

I bought Hamers at a premium, buying into the hype that it produced more heat and less ash.

I will admit it produces less ash, but no better than Blazer (which I can get at a box store).

As for heat, it is the coolest I have used. Nations Choice produced more heat. Hamers burns so cool, my stove is not guaranteed to light. Burn pot fills, flame starts but temp does not alway rise high enough to allow the stove to know it is lit and burning. Never had this issue with any other pellet.

Once burn is established, air temp is 15 degrees colder than my previous worst pellet - Nations Choice (140F vs 155F - obtained with setting 4 of my stove - input air temp and humidity was the same).

To make sure it was not my stove causing this, I switched back to a hopper full of Blazer and obtained the 160F I am used too. (So, you can see the premium pellet burns 20F colder than the box store pellet).

For my stove, this pellet is a poor choice for the money.