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These pellets are downright terrible. I was picking up a ton of Hamers, which I am very happy with with, and the guy at the store convinced me that these were better, because they produce less ash, and there is no difference in heat. WHAT A LOAD OF BULL! Yes they will make less ash, if ran at low settings, but they will produce nowhere near the same amount of heat as Hamers. Once I got through most of the pellets, i went back to Hamers. It was like trading in your Geo Metro, for a Mercedes Maybach.

The Ash from BF was very pasty, and chawky. It actually made it through the first two layers of filtration on my vac. They stuck to everything inside the stove, this made cleaning a hassle. I wouldn't pay 180/ton on these pellets, let alone what I paid in the middle of the cold season.