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I can see by the other comments Percell Has a few growing pains to go through.The ton I bought was wet. Every bag had about 20% fines and many had expanded and crumbled when handled. Perhaps two wraps of plastic around the pallet would help. I can not say if the moisture is the result of condensation, but every bag was wet or moist as i removed them from the pallet. The other brand I have been using for the past 7 years have been flawless (North Idaho). With North Idaho I clean the fire pot once a year. The Percell pellets require constant attention or the fire pot plugs up and the stove shuts down. The dust plugs the auger which really taps into my dark side. I am certain the science behind pellet making is well known. So, with a little more attention to details I am sure the kinks can be worked through. My stove is a Kozy Furnace.