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I am more than half way through my second year with an Ashley pellet stove. Last year pellets in RI/MA sold out so I decided to buy 3 tons in the fall. Prtobably a bad idea.

I bought three tons of the Corinth softwood pellets and ultimately am not very satisfied.

My initial impressions. The bags have small perforations along the back side that can allow moisture to enter. I store in my garage so 99% of my pellets are dry however they could be higher in moisture content???

The pellets are all crushed. I am into my third ton and honestly the average length of the pellets are between 1/8-3/8 in length. It seems to clog up my pot and prevent proper airflow.

If I try to burn at any rate above the lowest feed setting the pot overflows!!!! Im using more oil with my traditional furnace because of this. I simple cant turn up the stove heat.

The plus side. if they work in your model stove, they are hot as hell!!!! At the lowest setting the stove heats my hoouse alone until the outside temperature goes below 30 F.

There is a tremendous amount of dust in the bags when