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This is my 8th season burning wood pellets. I have a Quadafire Classic Bay 1200 pellet stove. I live on Long Island NY and have tried as least 50 different pellets over the years. I just happened to be in Lowes the other day and saw a brand of wood pellets I have never seen. I picked up 10 bags of Timber Heat pellets.
Cleaned out my stove when I was done with the batch I had burning. Opened my first bag of pellets and 35% of the bag was fines. never had that before, pellets were 1/4 t0 1/2 inch long swimming in sawdust. I have never had a problem burning anything in my stove and this stove has seen a lot of lousy pellets. It burned these also after burning 4 bags I had more ash then the worst pellet ever burned. They burn fast and produce average heat. In a pinch ok but to buy 3 tons never. The best pellet I have ever burned is country boy white lightning wood pellets by far the best hard wood pellet on the market. After this experience with Timber Heat. I will order 3 tons of country boy instead of 2 and trying to find pellets as good as them. My experimenting days are over thanks to timber heat its country boy white lightning wood pellets all the way.
I would say buy these at your stoves risk!!!