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I've had a Harman Accentra pellet stove for 3 years and burned, Cubex, Crabbe, LaCrete, La Granules du Bois, Corinth and Maine Woods Pellets. Obviously there are many brands that I haven't tried. Corinth pellets have become my favorite, followed by Cubex and Maine Woods. Corinth ranks at the top because they produce a more grannular ash and thus less soot that clings to the heat exchanger baffles. Buildup on the flues are where you lose the most heating efficiency. I really don't care how much falls in the ash pan or how often I have to empty it, but for maximum heat and efficiency the cleaner the heat exchanger baffles are, the better. Some brands also have more sawdust that clings to the hopper retarding the fall of pellets creating for more stove attention to push pellets down the hopper. In the end, actual BTU's of heat were about the same for all pellets because a ton of dry wood is a ton of dry wood whether softwood, hardwood or mixed. The significant factors seem to be how your stove combustion air flow contributes to best burn efficiency and the ability of the heat exchanger baffles to stay clean.