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I used a little over three tons of La Crete pellets this past season (2014-2015). The are very good pellets. I have been burning Vermont Pellets for three previous seasons. Vermont Pellets were sold out early this past year and the dealer suggested La Crete. They are very good pellets but they do have more ash left after burning then the Vermont. For no other reason that the ash is less with the Vermont I am going back to the Vermont Pellets. I think most people would be satisfied with these pellets. The quote I got for pellets this year ((2015-2016) is $295.00 a ton for La Crete and $300.00 a ton for Vermont. If the Vermont Pellets are not as good as they have been in the past, I will start using La Crete. Unfortunately I have found out with most products that once they get a good hold on the market, the quality goes down.