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I've used this brand for the past few years in my Quadrafire stove insert. We burn @ 4- 5 tons/season running the stove 24/7. This pellet throws off good heat and is low ash. Our house is kept warm and toasty and our electricity bills are about 1/3rd what they are when we heat by electric alone.

Didn't realize how much better this brand was compared to some others that I used in the past until I ran out and due to the shortage had to buy whatever i could find. We bought Lignetics brand - after burning 1 bag we returned the rest and got our money back. Then we bought New England Premium brand which we had burned the first couple of years we had the stove. I was surprised at how much more ash and less heat that this brand had compared to the Maine Woods brand. I will be purchasing Maine Woods pellets again this year.