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I believe that quality depends on what wood is available, when them mfg.
I used to burn Barefoot, and have tried several other brands as well. Year before last when my local store received their mid winter shipment, I purchased another ton and definitely not the same quality. Much higher ash and lower heat. I was better off with Drycreek. I talked to my reseller, who stated "All producers try to supply, by using whatever wood they can get as a last resort. How much demand is there for hardwood flooring during mid winter, I expect not much, but they still need to supply pellets, so it is not unreasonable to think that the quality will drop as they buy sawdust from other sources" And from my experience, that statement seems to be correct. Key is to buy all early and make sure that if you store at the place you buy from, that they do not substitute your purchase and replace with that produced later on, however you would do that. Better to store yourself and be sure. (I know, takes up a huge about of room in my garage to do that)