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I usually burn Cubex and New England pellets though after reading and hearing mixed reviews I decided to try a ton of Inferno Gold. I use a heatilator cab 50 and live in Caribou Maine, the house is old and drafty and the one stove is the primary heat source. The Inferno Gold burns at a lower btu by far though it still keeps the house at 75 no problem somehow burning the least amount of pellets I have ever seen. Also I can sit in the same room as the stove without burning up unlike the Cubex and New England. So I would have to say 1 ton Inferno for me equals at least a ton and a half if not more of high end pellets with a more enjoyable heat through the whole house. Also my glass is staying cleaner the only down fall is they leave more solid remains in burn pot. So end result good bye Cubex and New England hello Inferno Gold.