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I have a Magnum Countryside 3500P... an awesome stove!

These Michigan Wood Pellets are the worst pellets I have EVER used. DO NOT BUY THEM!!!
I am so frustrated because I bought 3 tons of them to get thru the winter and had them delivered from Menards in October. (prior to I bought 20 bags at first to test out and they were fine) but getting into the first ton they started causing my stove to shut down all the time.

I had a repair person out thinking it was my stove...(cost me nearly 400 dollars service call to go thru everything and test different things, replaced the draft motor, (it was working but getting slow so figured since he was here may as well replace it) he completely cleaned it out and it kept happening, now he is convinced 100% that it is the pellets. I couldn't believe it so i bought 2 bags of another brand and the stove worked perfect as normal..

As soon as I put the MIchigan Pellets back in, it burned for a couple of hours and then it shuts down, also noticed as it has gotten colder that they don't burn as hot as other brands of pellets. For example when I put my stove on setting 2, it is sufficient heat, with these pellets even moving it to a setting 4, the heat blowing out is not as hot as other brands at setting 2.

The only thing I can figure out with these pellets is they seem to burn so fast that before more can be augered in (even on a high setting) the pellets burn up and go out, also for some reason a couple of turns with crumbly pellets from this brand causes problems with keeping the fire going, i have tried adjusting the draft, the speed of the auger, even the speed of the fire stirrer and nothing will work.

I have had a stove since 2009 so this isn't my first winter experiencing heating with it and now I am stuck with hundreds of dollars in pellets that won't stay burning. Today I am trying mixing them with corn right now to see if I can at least be able to use them as I have no other choice.

Tomorrow I am going to call Menards to see if they will come out and refund my money or give me a different brand, which I highly doubt they will.