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To whom it may concern,
I purchased 1 ton of freedom fuel wood pellets from Tractor Supply during the late summer of 2015. I purchased in Martinsburg West Virginia. As the temperatures dropped, I used a 40 lbs. bag. I noticed that the pellets did not meet the quality standards the bag labeled provided. I had lots of ash deposits and low heat. I also noticed, the pellets didn't want to burn. I keep the pellets inside and couldn't understand why this was. I gave the pellets the benefit of the drought and mixed the pellets with high grade legnetics. Still clogged the combustion chamber of the pellet stove with hard soot. How disappointed I was and sad to say the least. I really relied on the pellets, after all, the bag displayed the American tradition. While 10'degrees and 52 degrees inside I know not to use this type of pellets again. After all, I can't return the unused pellets. Thanks America for another disappointing product. I don't recommend this product to heat my dog house.