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We used mostly Hamers last year - the 2014-15 Season, and they were the best of the pellets we've tried. Burned hot, not a lot of ash, cleaned the stove generally weekly.

However, since we were so pleased, we set in a 4 ton supply over the summer while we had a preorder discount. But once the heating season started we've been a bit disappointed. This years "crop" does not seem to be burning quite as hot, and producing far more ash, and the quality of the ash seems different. So we're cleaning about every 6-8 bags now. But what's been the most annoying is we're getting clogged pots with clinker beds a LOT. At least 5 times since the heating season and twice back to back. Two of the clinkers were laced with a curious green residue, which I surmise indicates inpurities in the pellets.

Looking down the thread, I see a lot of variation with peoples results. I gather that the season, "crop" and "Batch" seems to vary a LOT. - Which is a bit annoying you get the best prices by the ton. An aside, our next best pellet was Lignetics. We're in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.