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I am running a harman xxv and I have switch to the marth hardwood pellets brown bag I love these pellets there very clean no dust and they burn clean hot & smell good I was previously running uncle jeds softwood which are very good as well but have found the Marths are a little less dusty and less expensive. Size of the pellets in length is not a issue with this stove I do get a occasional klinker but that seams to be common with any pellet that i have ran & I have experminted with a few brands along the way. I have found with hardwood pellets I have to turn my feed rate down to 3 or 21/2 it just seems it gives these pellets a little longer burn time compared to the soft pellets. less waste on unburend pellets. keeping your stove clean once a week creates less problems with any pellet and my stove runs so efficient and very hot.