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I've had very poor results from these pellets that I got this year in Amherst Ma.The first thing I noticed was that the bags have a perferation melted into them that looks like they ran over a hot wheel with a spiked pattern on a conveyor belt. The second was while the pellets weren't bloated, if you sqeeze them, they will crumble in your hand. I store my pellets outside in an enclosed porch; on a pallet, under a plastic tarp so any condensation (frost) won't settle on the top layer and turn to water when it melts. There is a lot more sawdust residue in the bag than any other pellets I've used. Burnwise they only last 16-20 hrs.a bag vs 24 hrs. I'm used to on all previous brands. The burn is also iffy; sometime they burn hot and clean, and sometimes they just barely burn and I have to turn off the stove and clean the ash mid bag as they have fouled the burn pot and built up behind the little corner vent doors so quickly they air in the fire box has no return path. This is even after tinkering with the air to the burn pot every time I notice a poor fire. I think the problem is the perferation in the plastic bags has let in moisture. They are just not worst the aggravation.