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I have been using a pellet stove for 6 years now. During that time I have used many different makes of pellets with wildly varying results and satisfaction. Last spring I started using the “LacWood” pellets. They are definitely the best I have ever used. I run a Drolet ECO 45 pellet stove controlled with a thermostat. It is important that the burn pot stays clean so the stove can start and stop on its own. With the LacWood pellets I can run my stove for over a week without having to clean the burn pot and when I do clean it there is hardly any (if any) clinker (that hard deposit that forms in the pot). The pellets ignite easily so I get a quicker start and they burn so well that I can run my blower at minimum flow so less heat is blown up the chimney. So yes, I am a very satisfied LacWood pellet consumer.