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Winter 2016 Update.
M55C Insert still running top notch 2 years later. Everything I posted previously (in 2014, scroll down) still stands. This has been a great, no-fuss stove for us for three years now. Here are some more thoughts based on some of the other comments:

Pellets: In general, if someone just makes comments about poor burn and lots of buildup without details about the pellets they've been using, BEWARE of their advice, as they either don't know much about pellet stoves or have an agenda. I do not work for any stove companies: I am only commenting based on my extensive research and experience with this particular stove. Pellet stoves and wood stoves are completely different animals.

Pellet stoves can burn very differently depending on the different pellets used. BTU's and ASH levels vary WIDELY, and all have different burn characteristics! It's not just about cleaning properly, it's also about learning how your stove works and adjusting the settings depending on the pellets being used and how they are burning. This stove has numerous settings to adjust to fine-tune the pellets you use (not just on the key pad, there are also mechanical air supply adjustments you can make right from the front of the stove). As I mentioned, some pellets work better and more efficiently than others. For me the cheap box store pellets usually require a cleaning every 3-4 days and put out average heat (they tend to have higher ash levels). Northern Max (Cubex) require cleaning every 7-8 days or so and put out a ton of heat. This past winter we burned Okanagan Platinum and I was able to go up to *2 weeks* between cleanings if I pushed it. HOWEVER, also keep in mind that pellet qualities can sometimes change from year to year as manufacturer wood supply changes.

Thermostat: (Sorry Ronnie, just seeing your question). Make sure you get a thermostat that can be set up for Pellet stoves. The LUX unit I'm using required a minor internal adjustment to use with pellet stoves, but you will find how to do that right in the instructions for the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is hooked up properly to the stove and the wires are not reversed.

WHISTLING when burning: Mine hasn't done this but the first thing I'd try to do is isolate where the whistling is coming from. Is it the blower fan, the combustion fan, or somewhere else? Is your stove an earlier model that benefits from lubricating the fan, or a later model? If you have the cleaning rails or have made your own, pull the stove out - you can inspect/remove either of these parts quite easily.

If auger doesn't turn, you are either not cleaning it properly, you have an electrical /control board issue, or possibly a motor problem. If your electrical panel quit, it sounds like there's some other issue with this stove. As I mentioned, there are very specific types of surge protectors to use with wood stoves (research!). If you used a proper one and still had this problem I'd be questioning the part. If you are still having issues after replacing the part, there's something else going on here that sounds suspicious to me. This goes beyond just cleaning (by you or the store you bought it from). This needs a proper diagnosis on site by someone who knows what they're doing.

Over all, I still believe Pellet stoves aren't for everyone. As with anything, know what you're getting into and be prepared to be hands on and/or willing to learn! If you do/can, you can have an awesome experience with this and other stoves!