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I fell in love with Okanagan Douglas Fir pellets last year after splurging on price and buying a ton. Unmatched heat and barely any ash. For the 2016/2017 heating season, I went out of may way to buy these for four of my five tons of pellets I burn. As others have mentioned, I was told by my local dealer that Northern Warmth were the same thing, merely the vendor had changed the name from Okanagan. That said, I spent premium and purchased.

Well, I can surely say these don't compare to what was supposedly the same pellet last year. The heat is noticeably less and definitely more ash. I still had 10 bags of last years left and have burned them on extremely cold days ...what a difference between last year's Okanagan and this year's Northern Warmth. This isn't the first time I have found a pellet I loved and then a year or two later the manufacturer made some sort of a change and the quality dropped (seeing the same thing with Vermont Wood Pellets). So disappointing when this happens. If I had paid box store prices for these, I'd felt I got what I paid for. Having paid just under $400 a ton, I feel ripped off by the manufacturer. Maybe others who have burned both previous year's Okanagan and this year's Northern Warmth Douglas Fir aren't experiencing the same downgrade ...but I surely I would just assume by a cheaper pellet next year that will give me the same quality and put the money I saved into my oil tank.