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Last year I purchased two pallets of Snow Timber pellets from Menards, I could only haul one pallet at a time. When I picked up the first pallet I seen that Menards stored the pellets in the garden center and water was dripping off the roof onto the pallets that day. The top few bags on the Snow Timber pellets caused excessive black soot on the glass from moisture, but did burn. My truck broke and by the time I got back to Menards two weeks later to pick up the second pallet, all they had was Easy Heat Wood Pellets and that is what they loaded me up with. So I didn't question it, and just took the Easy Heat Pellets, the security guard approved it. I had no problem with the Easy Heat Pellets. I have a Harmon P3800. I have used various types of pellets and have found no real difference. As long as the pellets are stored inside and are dry they are fine. But, if kept outside they tend to hold excessive moisture and I think they lose BTU's, and leave black soot on the glass. Any pallets stored outside should be covered to keep moisture and/or frost off. Checking the air flow outlet on any pellet stove is of number one importance and maintaining your stove should be done on a regular basis.