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Just purchased a ton (metric) of Eagle Valley and am very happy with these pellets. Was concerned as there is very little current information about these out there, mostly outdated or old reviews. To my surprise these are the best pellets I have burned this year ! Exceptionally hot, hard dense pellet with a pleasant smell and for the most part consistent pellets. Only fault and this is minor and perhaps not exist for others with different stove is there are some long pellets. Its minor and not bad but creates a disturbing sound when one of the longs gets caught in the slide plate when its closing . Stove is a Harman P68 and this happens after a good cleaning somehow and longer pellets are burned. Hopefully it wont be a problem as these pellets burn extremely hot and amazingly clean . Light colored pellets but not quite as light as LaCrete, but the last LaCretes I bought were disappointing as when i opened them up and started to screen them I thought they had given me a bag of cracked corn very small pellets most less than a quarter of an inch . Another good thing about these pellets or the ones I have screened so far is they contain little or no fines.
Great Pellets !