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How true is this statement??? Hardwood logs burn longer because their density is higher than softwood. BUT pellets are completely different, both hardwood an softwood are compressed into pellets. The density should be fairly close, the only difference would be in the fibers of the compressed wood. Would that make that much difference? I don't believe it will to make one believe that hardwood is the better choice. The softwood burns hotter. It would take someone smarter/more committed to discovering the truth then I. Taking the time to figure the btu's per bag would be the test. Since softwood produces more btu's ( British Thermal Units per hour) can one say hardwood is better, IF the hardwood pellet burns longer is it better? How much longer? What are the BTU'S per bag for each? If hardwood burns 8400 btus/hr and burns 1.6666lbs/hr for 24 hours at setting 3,4 and softwood produces 8600 btu's/hr for 23 hours at setting 3,4 which is better? NOT ACTUAL RATINGS, JUST AN EXAMPLE