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We purchased Barefoot pellets on a recommendation from our landlord due to the low ash production. We picked up a few bags early last spring to take the chill off and had no problems. That fall we ordered 2 tons - they were obviously from a different batch because they were terrible! About a 3rd of the pellets in each bag were twice as long as a normal pellet resulting in multiple auger jambs and lots of wasted pellets. The heat produced was no where near the individual bags we'd initially tried, which I'm assuming were from the previous year. I cleaned the stove thoroughly once a week at the very minimum and found the ash residue to be thick and caked on. The constant auger jambs were a real problem and cost me hours and hours of labor with each bag. I had a service tech come out to see if there was a problem with the stove, there wasn't. He looked at the pellets and just shook his head. I finally gave up mid winter and turned on the furnace. The half a pallet of pellets in the garage will end up being used for animal bedding. I'll never buy these again!