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This is the first year my local supplier started carrying Barefoot. So, I thought I'd try a few bags. I find the heat to be superior to what I was burning and the ash content no worse, if not better, than my usual brand. The last couple of nights have been in the low 20's and my regular pellets seemed to have a hard time keeping up. So, I went down and got a few more bags of Barefoot to do another comparison. I am burning them as I write this. It is actually a few degrees colder tonight but the house is actually warmer with Barefoot. I have a Castle Serenity stove burning on low. I cleaned the stove thoroughly, like I always do when I compare brands. After 5 hours burning there is little ash and the glass has a slight haze. This has to be one of the top pellets I've ever burned. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.