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Hi. If considering to buy an Enviro m55...Do not. I am writing this now because everyone who buys a stove will encounter at least a few of these problems and need a preemptive warning. We purchased ours 5 years ago and had nothing but trouble since. First year..any setting above 3 a terrible burning smell of burning wires/plastic would emit, even set the fire detector off. Called the dealer, Chimney Restorations in Cambridge MD and a service tech responded. Their answer was you smell the oils burning off, and like a fool I accepted this as an answer. Every time I set the stove at 4 or 5 it would have the same wire/plastic burning smell, could not use any setting above three. Following year the blower went up and cost me close to $340 to fix, still cannot burn the stove at more than 3. Still I continued to complain about the burning smell and they did not care, so I gave up on them. One season after no problems except any heat setting higher than 3 the return of wires/plastic burning smell would revisit and the fire detectors would alarm again. Last year, 2016 the door hinges to the hopper went bad and 200 dollars later I replaced them. Also the scraper to clean the heating exchange tubes warped and will not move. The scraper for the heating exchange tubes also holds the fire wall in place. I have to now shove the firewall in place hoping it will not fall after each cleaning, I have to work a brush into into the tubes to clean the inside part the tubes. The scraper did this job but not anymore. There is not a replacement part for the heating exchange tube scraper and is considered not part part of the heating exchange system. Enviro said to bad, it is not part of the seven year warranty of the heating exchange system, even though there is no replacement parts and there is no possible way to remove it or replace it. Even though I gave up on this dealer where I bought the pellet stove from, I had to talk to them about the scraper and heating exchange tube warranty. This is what the company Enviro said, "I can use the system because it will not affect the stove." I guess when the lawsuit arises from my the firewall falling onto the fire pot and the home burns down, Enviro will think twice about their answer. This year, 2017 is the worst, circuit board is fried, however, with no lights emitting from the board it still works but cannot go pass two! I will never buy another Enviro product because of its poor quality, and deliberate avoidance of backing their product. I believe this stove should have been replaced immediately after the smell of wires/plastic burning causing the fire detectors to be set off. Also the dealer Chimney Restorations displayed poor service after the stove was sold. I was put to the back burner. I understand others may not have problems but just give it time. DO NOT BUY THIS STOVE.
As I was writing this the heat plate fell and cannot be placed back on..Stove is now a 500lb hunk of metal. I guess its new home is the scrap yard, I literately wasted close to $5000 to buy/install.