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My entire stash for this winter consist of hardwood as I was able to get a great deal on some awesome pellets.Having burned many softwood varieties my curiosity got me as a local dealer had these available slightly less than the other softwood pellets he carries.
Heat is good not great especially considering its a softwood.
Pellet consistency was fair as the majority or nearly all are on the smaller side and the sheen was dull on at least half of the pellets, which turned out they were softer than the high sheen pellets in the same bag.
Ash output was in the low category except in the burn pot which ash accumulated and would cause the flame to project forward ending up coating the glass quickly as soon as the ash built up. Dirty glass
Price was ok considering its the beginning of the heating season but regardless I will not be purchasing these again at any price,just not worth it. I have 2 stoves a pelpro p130 in the cellar and a Harman P68 stove on the first floor. I have only burned these in the Harman I will try them in the Pelpro (drop feeder) stove and see how they do there. With the review on the positive side from woodpellet review maybe I got a bad ton ? Would not recommend this pellet, its a shame as I would much like to support a pellet from the states but it wont be this pellet.