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Some of the comments on these palettes must come from competitors or something they're so ridiculous. I've been burning pallets for eight or nine years now and I've tried just about every brand out there and these ones are definitely one of the best. I bought a new comfortbilt stove this year and the thing is working flawlessly on these palettes. I've had the stove for a month now I clean it once a week and never once has it had one bit of carbon to scrape out of the burn pot it's so clean running. They are a little dusty pouring them in but I haven't seen too many pallets that aren't and if they're not Dusty it means there's too much moisture in them. It's below zero outside right now and it's toasty in my house. There are more expensive pellets you can buy and I've tried them all I never found there to be much difference you're just paying more. The stove has a lot to do with it so you need to get a quality stove.