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I advance purchased 2 ton from my local Tractor Supply for $199 a ton (and picked them up) to burn in my 6039 USSC American Harvest which I've been heating with for over 10 years now.

Pellets are terrible, tremendous ash, have to clean the unit every 5 bags without fail. Produce good heat but the ash is a big downside.

I would not recommend. I have also discovered that a couple retailers now offer Somerset Hardwood Pellets online, delivered (of course you need some way to unload 2000 pound skids of pellets from a commercial carrier, in my case a non issue, I own a forklift.

Will be buying Somerset next year, not TSC pellets unless TSC offers Pro-Pellets, which they have in the past, but not this year. Lesson learned.

TSC bran pellets are junk, beware...