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I've tried this pellet and another purchased at Lowes. This one is better in regards to ash content and deposit build-up on the bottom of my burn pot. I conducted a test of the air exiting from the stove and also found this pellet to be hotter burning compared to others. I have 2 Harmon stoves, one free standing and the other is a larger fireplace insert, they burn everything well, they don't clog or go out because of ash and are very dependable. I've had pellet stoves since the early 90's and found the best pellet to be one called Heartland but very hard to get around the New England area and if you do find it you pay dearly. The Green Team cost $6.29 a bag a dollar more than others at Lowes but worth the extra for piece of mind. Stoves require maintenance and cleaning every 4 or 5 hours to move the ash especially on Harmons for better efficiency and distribution. I burn these pellets in cold weather the cheaper brand at 30 degrees, and all is well.