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Stove is a Quadra-Fire Castile Pellet Insert. I don't have my data from last year but so far this winter I can confirm that Hammer's Hot Ones is the worst I have used. My stove will refuse to light without a complete cleaning every other bag. No kidding! Lignetics / Presto are only slight better, averaging a mandatory cleaning every 3 bags. To date I have found no pellets that burn cleaner than Turman Pellets. Ive gone near 20 bags and cleaned out of guilt more than necessity. They are hard to find in my area - last year it was impossible to find them. Even the manufacturer could not help me... I really am glad I found them this season... I have read (yes, even in the owners manual) that softwood pellets are better (more btu/heat and less ash,etc) but at the most I have seen only one pellet manufacturer that says they use softwood - and they actually say its a mixture of soft and hardwoods... Does anyone know of a 100% softwood pellet I can try? I travel about an hour one-way for my Turman pellets so I have no problem with doing that for a softwood pellet. Thanks in advance,