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+1 as an disappointed customer of Somerset pellets and even more unhappy with their customer service response which was delayed and unwilling to acknowledge a problem or do anything to remedy the situation. I wish I could post a picture of my clogged firepot that after one bag clogs so badly that my fire was choked out. Going back to Thurman pellets and/or White Lightning brand as I have had great luck with both.
UPDATE: Bought my pellets from Tractor Supply who I just called the Morganton NC store and they report they are no longer carrying Somerset (no surprise there) and offered to take back the rest of my unused Somerset bags for their "house brand." I'll give those a try and post results.
Lesson learned: the sun has set on any idea of ever buying Somerset again. Poor quality and every worse customer support - run, don't walk from this company and three cheers for Tractor Supply who is fundamentally customer focused, a philosophy that Somerset should adopt.