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I have QuadraFire Mt Vernons at 2 locations. I have been heating with pellets more than 20 years. This years Rocky Mountain pellets are the worst pellets I have ever used. So much ash in them that I cannot burn more than 1/2 bag before they stop the stove from re-lighting .I am told that, after the Kremling fire at the plant, the owners purchased pellets elsewhere and packaged them in their bags knowing they were substandard.The "Best money can buy" packaging appears to be something the company knows to be false. Even if this is not the case, these pellets are so bad that no one should ever buy this brand again. They should have a warning on the bag about the excessive ash instead on a proclamation that they are the best. Ask the manager at your retailer if there have been complaints. If I can't find pellets better than this, the stoves go to the landfill and I'll be heat with gas.